Making The New Killer Instinct: Everything From Combo Breakers To Selecting Characters

Siliconera "It took about 17 years, but Killer Instinct is coming back this week. Microsoft revived the series with help from Strider developer Double Helix and Ken Lobb who worked on the original arcade game. Siliconera spoke with producer Torin Retting about how they selected characters, why they took out No Mercys, and why they made Killer Instinct a free to play game."

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ZBlacktt1847d ago

I had this on the SNES. Played it in the arcade as well all mid 90's.

ZombieKiller1847d ago

According to 1 person here you didnt do any of that. YOU LIAR!

Lol @ disagrees.

Yeah I did too! I remember Fulgore being on the front cover and the side of the arcade cabinet. This and Mortal Kombat were my teenage years in gaming. I'm glad both games got their respectable reboots!

I know Fulgore is probably one character they're saving for DLC. I'm dying to see his re-design. His Ultra was awesome.

SliceOfTruth8881847d ago

Fulgore and spinal come with the game they come out in march

ZBlacktt1847d ago

It was a great game. I'm sure it's much improved now.

Fireseed1847d ago

So excited for the new one! It's simply amazing!

kewlkat0071847d ago

Waiting for TJ Combo...I still play this game on my Mame machine...

It should come in a Red case like the Snes had the black cartridge.