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It's been nearly 20 years since Killer Instinct was first introduced at the arcade. At the time, it was up against heavy-hitting franchises like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, so developer Rare had a lot of pressure to do something memorable. The novel combo system in Killer Instinct was just what it needed to really stand out in the field, and it received a warm reception from gamers and critics alike. Killer Instinct 2 came two years later to similar acclaim, but it's been all quiet since then, aside from an N64 port of the sequel.

Killer Instinct is definitely fun, if a bit lacking in depth. The lack of campaign mode and limited character options mean it won't take long for you to breeze through the entirety of the content offering, but the online versus should ensure that you get plenty of enjoyment for your investment.

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malokevi1822d ago

I refuse to settle for anything less than perfect.

ElementX1822d ago

Your collection must be pretty sparse...

malokevi1821d ago

Lol, yeah, I've never even played a videogame.

MRMagoo1231822d ago

another 7 out of 10, are the xbone fanboys eating humble pie now or are we waiting for more, IMHO i feel a 5 is an average game that may be worth playing a 7 is a good score and above average but xbone fanboys where saying 7 is mediocre just yesterday, i would like to hear there views on this.

I still feel reviews should have scores removed completely, i feel scores try to make things seem less opinion and more fact, when a review is completely opinion based.

Convas1822d ago

Wow. Such salt. Much bitter. Amaze.

Both sides of the fanboy fence use review scores their advantage, no need to pretend it's otherwise.

M-M1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

That's why I don't get games based on review scores(unless it's HORRIBLE across every site and not mixed reviews). I only see reviews as fuel for fanboys, MRMagoo123 and malokevi's post below mines further proves my point.

Flutterby1822d ago

Bitter and salty? Did you even read magoos comment? He was making a point that a 7 is above average and you go on the attack and get agrees lol you Xbox fanboys really are stupid as heck huh. It's nice for you to have a circle jerk in here I guess but the only reason you have agrees is because pretty much every one is busy playing their ps4 and aren't on this site so you sad trolls have free dibs on the stupid.

malokevi1822d ago

Well, KI is currently scoring better than KZ on metacritic, so why don't we put down our swords and bask in the warm glow of sweet, sweet mediocrity?

Flutterby1822d ago

Did any of you retards even read what magoo said ? He was actually defending the games scores lol and you attack with blind fanboy hatred , if you wanna play that game malokevi Resogun the ps4 exclusive is higher than all the xbone games by a large margin, how does that feel ? Do you cry inside? You guys are a joke

pixelsword1821d ago

To each it's own, but Lord willing when I get my PS4, Killzone will be the first game I buy. That series is currently my favorite, plue this game is a setup for Killzone 4, which will probably show why and how The Helgans went to Vekta.

malokevi1821d ago

Lol, jeez, calm down buddyboy! I didnt attack anyone, no need to get all huffy! We're all 7\10s around here! Killzone will be my first purchase!

scallywag1822d ago

KI is getting better scores than kz and knack. Spending $120 on those ain't worth it huh?

XboxFun1822d ago

Salty Sony fanboys incomings from this point on.

So should we Xbox fans also say that Sony paid the websites for these bad reviews? Should we also say that these reviewers are biased against MS? Should we also say that these are only launch games? Should we also say that 7 is average and that real gamers are enjoying the game?

Because these were all the excuses you sony fanboys used to justify every negative review that came across N4G.

The main criticism for this game is the lack of roster, which I agree. But everywhere else gameplay wise is solid.

B-radical1822d ago

Lol both sides of the fanboy fence suck as much as each other and as far as reviews go none are really standing out

Dead rising 3: 78
Killer instinct: 74

Kilzone shadowfall:73
Knack: 57

Like i said none stand out so everybody should stop using review scores to battle it out aha

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TRGMatt1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Killer Instinct is gonna get destroyed in reviews and undeservedly so. Not enough characters and variety at launch are major knocks but the mechanics themselves are making a case to be one of the best fighters in a long time. Can't wait to get my hands on it to see if I'm right but what I've seen tells me that it won't be long before eSports adopts this bad boy as a mainstay for 2014 or 2015 or both.

Fireseed1822d ago

With big contenders like ChrisG, Justin Wong, CD JR, Filipino Champ, and a bunch of the Tekken, and a healthy proportion of the FGC chomping at the bit to play this there's no way this won't be at EVO.

asmith23061822d ago

Pretty lowish review scores all round for the new consoles launch line ups.

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