Resolutiongate: Why resolution doesn't matter for now

It has been one of the most fiercely debated issue in the lead-up to this month's next-gen launch, but does the native resolution that games are running in really matter at the moment?

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NewMonday1797d ago

if yo have a 32' TV or it is limited to 720 then yes it dosent matter much.

abzdine1796d ago

it should matter for now cause the consoles are made for the future and if resulotuin didnt matter then why buy new consoles? it's one of the important things

Septic1796d ago

Agreed. Resolution does matter- a superior resolution is part and parcel of next-gen.

Especially in the core gaming community. All those countless comparisons comparing the most minute of details and then something as big as resolution disparity is being downplayed? Pure hypocrisy really.

BUT, saying that, it doesn't completely compromise your ability have a 'next-gen' experience as a game is more than its resolution. Look at the launch line-up for the two consoles for example. 1080p won't really help you enjoy a sub-standard game. I understand thtat the resolution won't matter for now but as time goes on, it definitely will.

Think about big titles like Watchdogs, Destiny and The Division. If there is a 1080p/720p disparity for such killer apps, why pick the inferior version?

jackanderson19851796d ago

i buy a new console for the games that are on it not that they can input a better graphical output... i won't be able to get DR3 or Infamous Second Son on the current crop of consoles

Army_of_Darkness1796d ago

I bought a 720p tv 8 years ago and I need an upgrade, so does it make sense that I get a new tv that is more expensive and can still only display 720p... but has this amazing feature of up-scaling to 1080 like my blu-ray player???

The_KELRaTH1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I don't want jaggies, I don't want soft upsampled images, I don't want over compression, I don't want slow framerates where I can see 1 frame to the next so motion doesn't look silky smooth, I don't want drastically reduced draw distances so that distant landscapes look like mush.

I find it hard to understand why some of these topic posters don't get that.

The most frustrating thing I've found with consoles is:
devs go for effects 1st, game image quality / smoothness 2nd
PC gamers go for game image quality/ smoothness 1st as they can turn off effects till smoothness is achieved.

Maybe the real answer is for console gamers to be given the ability to turn on and off effects / features too.

abzdine1796d ago

"Think about big titles like Watchdogs, Destiny and The Division. If there is a 1080p/720p disparity for such killer apps, why pick the inferior version?"

that's my point, or even why buy the inferior console from the start for someone who only wants one console. for those who will buy them both the problem doesn't exist.

MRMagoo1231796d ago

rez doesnt matter to ps4 owners because we are getting 1080p , i am guessing it stings all the xbone future owners tho, knowing they are getting the lower end of the scale for every game they get. I dont feel bad for them tho i have reached out and tried to make a truce but they attack like retarded dogs on heat, i really hope every xbone dies at launch and the games give the owner testicular cancer /jk

1796d ago
classic191796d ago

yea, it do matters. 1080p should be a console standard sense last gen was running alot of games at 720p. so next gen should be next gen meaning 1080p. ppl who say that it don't matters has a screw lose, it's 2014, pretty much technology is moving so should pixels ala pc.

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TomShoe1796d ago

If you game on a TV and not on a monitor then yes it does matter. Hell, critics ragged on PS3 for YEARS about resolution and graphics, saying "PS3 Sucks! The ports look awful! Xbawks!" Now that the shoe's on the other foot now, suddenly it doesn't matter.

Don't let biased American games journalism try to brainwash you.

Edsword1796d ago

What's funny is the disparity so far is greater than last gen. Yet now it doesn't matter. I think the xb1 will be a fine system, but I am very disappointed with its struggle to output in native 1080p for last gen ports even. Most first party games are sub 1080 as well. DR3, wow, the game is a stuttering mess at 720p. All of this is concerning, but it is still just launch. If second gen games still have this disparity I think the xb1 is looking at 2nd place this gen.

dedicatedtogamers1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I remember when grass mattered, because 360 had more of it on Mafia II. I remember when water mattered, because 360 had better water in RDR. I remember all the times when pixel-counting comparison sites (like digital foundry) pointed out the tiniest of differences, highlighting a minor blip in framerate or circling the smallest of jaggy in multiplatform games. Those things sure did seem to matter back then, right?

Oh, but now? Now they don't matter. Huh. I wonder why...

What people fail to realize is that if we have a discrepancy in resolution NOW, that discrepancy will only grow in years to come.

Let's imagine (this is made up, mind you) that the PS4 version of AC4 Black Flag had a render distance of 1 in-game mile, due to the hardware superiority, but Xbox One had a render distance of 1/2 mile. Okay, so you might see some pop-in in very far-off areas, but nothing more. No big deal, right? But if it is this way at launch, then what happens when developers begin pushing these systems to their limits? The discrepancy will become far more obvious as time goes on.

Mr-Dude1796d ago

For me it matters! I have bought a new 50 inch 3d LED, for this new generation (the other one was nearly 5 years old) so i don't wanna see 720p games anymore, or jaggies, or anything else from 2006/2013 generation. We are in a new gen of gaming and this things should matter.

jackanderson19851796d ago

ah well then won't be an issue for me for a while ha only have a 32inch tv

koolaid2511796d ago

There will be a difference it doesn't matter what size tv you have.

Philoctetes1796d ago

Somebody should keep a running list of all the sites trying to tell us that resolution doesn't matter, so that we'll know not to pay attention to them in the future. I can't believe people are seriously making this argument in 2013.

cartman3131796d ago

Jblaze go back to nes then. The rest of us want to move forward.

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jessupj1797d ago

While I agree an xbone owner playing COD @ 720p is going to have pretty much the same experience as a PS4 owner playing said game at 1080p, it's a precursor for what's to come and immediately shows there's a significant gap.

In the future this isn't just going to affect resolution. There's a host of other visual tools that can be improved such at AA, lighting, shaders, etc.

Yes developers will get more familiar with the xbone and produce better performing games, but the same will happen for the PS4. The gap is always going to be there.

But the more important question is will developers limit their scope for the PS4 so the game engine can run on the xbone?

For example, a particular level could have 16 enemies on screen at once on the PS4, but the xbone could only handle 10 and still have a stable frame rate. Will the developers take advantage of the PS4 hardware or will they scale it back to be on par with the xbone as MS's restrictive policy required last generation?

If I had to guess I would say we're going to have to rely on Sony 1st party games for game worlds with bigger scope and more complex mechanics, but at least 3rd party developers are making it up by increasing the visuals for the PS4.

The_KELRaTH1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

They should write the games as they would for a PC. Allow the gamer to enable/disable effects, features.

I'd happily turn of dynamic building shadows or hi res particle effects in a fps game if I could then have AA, 1080p @ 60fps.

Masterchief_KOK1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

launch titles don't matter look at knack 1080p and is boring and forgettable story. look at dr3 and kI 720p both fun games

JackVagina1796d ago

What does resolution have to do with anything other then making the game look better?

PS games would be more fun if they were 720p??? I don't even know what you are trying to imply here.

isa_scout1796d ago

You forgot to mention Resogun and Killzone though. Both are 1080p, gorgeous, and great fun games to play.
I'd say that maybe 1080p doesn't matter to some people but I like knowing I'm playing the best possible version of COD and AC4 on any console.
While it may not be noticeable to some players playing COD for example(i can tell the difference)I think as Sonys 1st party studious push the tech forward the gap between XOne and PS4 will widen. Especially Naughty Dog, they always release games that are breathtakingly beautiful. I'm expecting The Order 1886 to impress as well.

Masterchief_KOK1796d ago

the reason i didn't mention kzsf Im leaving that for ryse & plus because I like the game. knack i didn't even bother playing more, few level fighting the same enemy gets really boring and the story is forgettable

obliteratorFTW1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

This crap again. Alright, if resolution doesn't matter throw your HDTVs and full HDTVs out of your houses and go buy a sdtv. Since resolution doesn't matter, what is the need of even 720p. Just produce 480p games and upscale them. Why render ryse in 900p, just render it in 480p( obviously 480p= 720p=900p=1080p=1440p=4k).

jimbobbeers1796d ago

Doesn't matter for now, but it will. So watch this space I guess.

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