VGX - Game of the Year Nominees

Tell the VGX Advisory Council who you think should be named 2013's Game of the Year.

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xHeavYx1797d ago

Same here, the storytelling is amazing, the graphics are amazing, the MP is amazing... You get the picture

LOGICWINS1797d ago

Yeah, its one of the few games this gen that actually EXCEEDS the hype behind it.

TomShoe1797d ago

Hopefully Logic will win out for the GOTY.

(See what I did there?)

Nitrowolf21797d ago

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

I see what you did there

static52451797d ago

Kinda surprised that TR was on here. I mean it's a awesome game don't get me wrong but GoTY?

Ezz20131797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

i just want to say
what an amazing year for all gamers
i'm having a blast with this huge amount of games this year

guys, it doesn't matter who win GOTY
TLOU is my GOTG/GOTY but if it didn't win
i would care less
those awards mean little and should not make TLOU or GTAV any less enjoyable to any gamer

Mainsqueeze1796d ago

Dang what an amazing year for games. All of those games deserve GOTY. I voted for GTA personally but TLOU and Bioshock come in at a very close second and I suspect Mario will as well.

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-Foxtrot1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The Last of Us - A beautiful, well crafted, brand new IP with fantastic graphics, great story telling and amazing characters...not to mention terrific voice acting


GTAV - A game in my opinion which didn't live up to the hype and is a sequel to a game which is the same old stuff we've seen for years.

Not saying it wasn't good but I'd rather give it to the new IP.

We always go on about how this industry needs new IP's and new franchises....well we got one.

Think NaughtyDog need Studio of the Year aswell, can't believe it lost out to Bethesda in 2011.....BETHESDA.... <sigh>

CaptainPunch1797d ago

"GTAV - A game in my opinion which didn't live up to the hype and is a sequel to a game which is the same old stuff we've seen for years. "

Lmao GTA V not only exceeded the hype but it delivered on what it promised. Although personally I would give TLOU game of the year.

-Foxtrot1797d ago


Not really.

It was an improvment over what GTA4 promised but it still felt flat in some areas and felt too hyped up in my opinion.

Mainsqueeze1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

The only thing GTA V fell short in imo was the MP, everything else far exceeded my hype.

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aquamala1797d ago

none of us are qualified to vote for this goty since none of us have played Mario 3D World

maximus19851797d ago

well im going to go out on limb here and say mario wont beat last of us or gta 5

Plasticgearsolid1797d ago

Ya the story in Mario 3D is so deep, and is perfectly matched with ground breaking gameplay

grailly1797d ago

I'm holding out on my vote because of this, I know that my personal GotY will be the last of us or mario (or guacamelee, but it didn't make the list).

the game does offer ground breaking gameplay, I don't know of any other franchise that is capable a feeling this fresh and new after so many iterations, it really remarkable.
and GTA or tLoU doesn't offer hysterical fun and joy, does it? every game has it's strengths

Persistantthug1797d ago

It's pretty much a guarantee that GTA5 is gonna win.


Because this show is the equivalent to an MTV Movie award.

solar1797d ago

BS:I was such a mind fuck, it is my vote.

grailly1797d ago

I don't even know if that game would make my top 10, I really just played through it because everybody was telling me how amazing it is. The story was really bad when you think about it, having twists just for the sake of having twists, and generally just not making sense.

I_am_Batman1797d ago

There is almost no chance that GTA won't win this. It probably sold double the amount of all the other games combined. More people played it equals more people will vote for it.

Rimeskeem1797d ago

I voted all Naughty Dog

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MakiManPR1797d ago

Who would have thought Super Mario 3D World would get a nomination to be the Game of the Year 2013? Can't wait for this friday!

animegamingnerd1797d ago

i believe the embargo lifts tomorrow so judging by the leaked IGN review and this i am expecting high praise for this game

-Foxtrot1797d ago

I don't think it deserves it to be honest coming out this late in the year. I really think there should be a cut off point for the VGAs

Ni No Kuni deserved a spot up there might not of won but hell it deserved a shot.

Neonridr1796d ago

Foxtrot - it's called Game of the Year, not "As long as it comes out before November 1st Game of the Year". If the early reviews are any indication it absolutely has earned the right to be up there.

-Foxtrot1796d ago


A game which is more or less the same then past Mario games, especial y the 3DS version


A brand new JRPG game giving us a brand new fresh IP

I think I know what I would choose to be there instead

Relientk771797d ago

BioShock Infinite for me, definitely my favorite game in the past year

DigitalRaptor1797d ago

Sorry BioShock and Irrational Games, but The Last of Us gets my vote.

JasonKCK1797d ago

I didn't like Bioshock Infinite.

whyisthehorsestaring1796d ago

I liked the story and the setting, but the gameplay was shit.

Neonridr1796d ago

loved Infinite. Not as good as the first, but still a great installment in the franchise.

MYSTERIO3601797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

*Sigh* wish there was a Troy baker as Joker option for Best voice actor. I feel Mark Hamill left some very big shoes to fill when he departed his most famous role, but Troy Baker nailed it as the menacing Clown princes of crime and deserves recognition for it.

Fireseed1797d ago

Agreed, the new Joker nailed it! But unfortunately the game was pretty crap so I don't see it winning anything :/

animegamingnerd1797d ago

too be fair though half the list for best male voice actor is troy baker

-Foxtrot1797d ago

I like Troy Baker but as the Joker he didn't live up to Mark Hamill in my opinion.

The laugh was spot on but the dialogue bits you knew it was Troy and not Mark.

MYSTERIO3601796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

@-Foxtrot I disagree Troy baker has mentioned himself that his intentions before the voicing process wasn't to be "Mark Hamils" joker or any one joker in particular.

As his joker was meant to be much younger take on one of comic books oldest villians spanning 60 years Troy chose to blend both 1960's Cesar Romeros Joker with present day Mark Hamil and that's what you have in Origins. I for one think he did a great job in trying to find a cross between the two whilst keeping the Jokers character intact.