Want to Play Killzone: Shadow Fall in 3D? Sorry, Remove Your Stereoscopic Goggles

Push Square: "Cast your mind back to the three-dimensional days of 2011 and you may recall Killzone 3 comprising a sizeable portion of platform holder Sony’s stereoscopic push on the PlayStation 3. Guerrilla Games worked hard to implement the hardware intensive technology, and it ended up being a real showpiece for the feature. Unfortunately, with PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall, the Dutch developer’s ripped out the functionality faster than the Xbox One’s divisive digital rights management plan – but is there any chance that you’ll be pulling out your goofy goggles in the future?"

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MazzingerZ1821d ago

Have yet to play anything in 3D...need such a TV first LOL

I will care about 3D when prices are more reasonable, maybe next x-mas

IRetrouk1821d ago

Right now tesco is doing a samsung 42" led 3d tv with two pairs of glasses and a free 250GB xbox 360 with fifa 14 for £449, if thats not afordable i dont know what is.

GroundZeroesBob1821d ago

Cheers for the heads up on that deal.Offer ends Christmas eve so plenty of time for saving.

abzdine1821d ago

i also asked a DriveClub dev at Gamescom about 3D and he said that he couldn't share the info with me until they make an official statment about it.
I hope DriveClub and other games will have 3D, i think it's too bad they don't support it i really like it!


I completely agree. Thanks to everyone that couldn't afford it, they ruined it for the people that loved having 3d such as myself by saying it a gimmick. How its a damn addition that adds to the value of the game.

IRetrouk1821d ago

Yeah i agree, i love 3d gaming and think it adds to the experiance too, gd thing too is that any game can be 3d if you have a tv that can change any channel to 3d.

NBT911821d ago

What about the people like me who have had a 3DTV for two years and still think that it is a gimmick? As far as gaming goes, it is.

And how much actual value does it add? Enough to be worth the developers time and effort, or enough to just please the minority who will actually play the whole game in 3D?

The 3D effect in say Shadow of the Colossus is impressive but is it really worth the drop in frame rate and stuff that comes with it?... Arguably not. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why gaming in 3D can be seen as a gimmick at the moment. It's not like say 4K which literally just improves the picture quality, 3D actually makes games look worse visually and is that worth a bit more depth to the picture?

Volkama1821d ago

It's still quite well supported on the PC scene, and yes it's awesome for games.

Don't write the consoles off just yet though. If they're planning to support stereoscopic VR headsets then other stereoscopic output is a stone's throw away, it should come hand-in-hand. Gimmick or not.

thehitman1821d ago

I am very confident that 3D will be back but probably mid-late next year when they can focus on that again.

Chris5581821d ago

3d is not for me until advanced non glass one

dmonee1821d ago

I though my 3dtv was reasonable my priced when I purchased it last year. I enjoy 3d movies and prefer them over standard movies when available. Video games are another story.i have a difficult time playing games in 3D. I usually turn the effect off after 15 minutes or so. I would like to see smaller slower paced games use the effect. It makes me think about a game like "MYST", and how cool that game would have looked in 3 dimensions.

Volkama1821d ago

Out of curiousity what games have you tried, and on what platforms?

3D can give headaches if the interface or certain effects are stuck too far 'in front', if your framerate is bad or if you just have the depth and convergence set badly.

Some people find 3D uncomfortable, but you already said you like 3D films so it may be something you can solve.

dmonee1820d ago

Uncharted 3,gran turismo 5, mlb the show and killzone 3

tigertron1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

3D proved to be nothing more than a gimmick that pops up every now and again and then disappears soon after. Not only that it restricts games from reaching their full potential in terms of performance. Better graphics/framerate>3D.

tigertron1821d ago

To the two disagrees, I guess 3D really is better than graphics and framerate. /s

LeCreuset1821d ago

I didn't disagree, but I'll jump in. What are graphics but a way to create a more immersive experience? It's the same with 3D.

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