Gamer Mondays: Saying Goodbye to the Last Generation

"Many of us face an incredible backlog of PS3 games that we keep promising ourselves we’ll come back and finish one day. After all, who would want all that money we’ve spent to go to waste? All the while, we are busy playing the latest and greatest hits on that shiny new next-gen system. The whole time we are playing Killzone: Shadow Fall or Knack or one of the other excellent PS4 launch titles, we keep whispering that lie in the back of our heads that we will 'Go back and finish that game just as soon as I finish this one.'" - Travis Tucker

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SL1M DADDY1799d ago

It's tough for me to vacate my love for the last gen. Without the BC needed to plunk a PS3 game in the PS4 and play, I have kept that PS3 alive, right next to my shiny new PS4. At the moment, both generations are alive and well but that my friend is a short lived tale to tell.

Neo Nugget1799d ago

Say what you want, but I truly believe this past generation is the best we've ever had. The amount of quality games we've seen is incredible!

Masterchief_KOK1799d ago

ms needs x1 to have bc for 360 the new gamers who never own 360 can have fun playing halo 4

kratos_TheGoat1799d ago

halo 4 was my goty man what a amazing story halo 4 was.

Locknuts1799d ago

Even though I was mostly a Xbox & PC gamer for most of the last generation, I was going to get a PS4 at launch. Lack of BC made me decide against it. Instead I sold my Xbox and bought a PS3 so that I could catch up on MGS4, Uncharted and most importantly TLOU which is now my GOTY.

I have no interest in the PS4 until something on the level of TLOU is released. Uncharted is a fun romp, but just isn't enough. I have a PC for multiplats so the current line up looks pretty weak.

fOrlOnhOpe571799d ago

My PS3 won't be going anywhere while I still have breath in my body and she doesnt succumb to the YLoD as her predecessor did.

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The story is too old to be commented.