How F2P mechanics are infiltrating for-pay Xbox One games

Staggered embargoes are weird, huh? We can talk about many of the digital releases that are coming to the Xbox One at launch today, but I can’t dip into much on the hardware side of things until tomorrow. We’ll be publishing thoughts on many games and how they work with the system and the UI in the coming days, but right now I wanted to talk about a clear trend that we’re seeing in the digital launch lineup.

These are games you pay for, and they all have at least a few free-to-play hooks in the gameplay.

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Kingthrash3601847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

i called this awhile ago.
ms going that wallet rape road..
to me it seems ms is going every route but the console gaming route.
drm is largely a pc gaming thing. also one of the reasons i do console gaming instead
f2p is a mobile gaming thing and while it can make a ton of money (like candy crush) its not for me.
that said its a givin that both consoles do the f2p tactics like black light ps4 and ki xb1...its just ki is a real legendary game. look at it like this if say uncharted comes out f2p but charges you for bullets its not really free then is it...and being free to play kinda cheapens the brand itself. ki should have been 59.99 have 20+ characters and unlockable content...but have dlc characters as well. ki $20 only six...count them six characters is just a total sin to fans. i would want to enjoy the game as a whole with arcade, online, story mode, survival, and time trails already on disc. ki deserves this its been too long and to make fans wait to pay for more is just ridiculous. it desurves high ratings but should have points taken away for missing so much of the basic content like sp and characters....thats my opinion though any gamer who wants it get it and enjoy it!
i just feel ki of all games should have been 59.99 and released with the full extent of what a fighting game should have been. right now id rather play tekkens f2p game over ki for content alone they started with over 6 characters and released free charcters ki should have at least done the same.

Masterchief_KOK1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

are you trolling or looking for some hits with ps fangirls. way off topic, drm or not I'm selling buying x1

SheenuTheLegend1846d ago

sadly the future is dlc
gonna are the days when u played to unlock
now you have to pay to unlock

pompombrum1846d ago

I don't think it's fair to call out Xbox One specifically on this as it's going that way with all platforms. Sadly, greed will always come first and worse still, there are people out there who support and defend this sort of crap. By the time the next gen comes, we're all going to be milked dry and it's only going to get worse.

jessupj1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

That's where I honestly see my beloved hobby going because of little sh*ts that enable these greedy publishers.

Take COD for example. A lot of us on here would like the franchise to evolve more than it has, but because brainless idiots (not everyone that buys cod is an idiot, just the ones that blindly buy it each year) that keep buying the game year after year the series stays the same.

Those consumers have given Activision no reason to invest more money into the game.

Same with over priced DLC. People keep buying it, so publishers keep pushing it instead of including it in the game or pricing it fairly.

And sadly I see this trend continuing. Thank the Lord gamers said no to MSs draconian DRM, but it only a matter of time. The majority of people are selfish and don't care how their purchases affect the industry and the gamers that love the hobby so much. As long as they get what they want they don't care who else suffers.

MS will slowly push their DRM, piece by piece and the selfish masses will enable MS to do so.

tommygunzII1846d ago

There are enough gullible suckers out there now to make this the industry standard and there is nothing we can do at this point.

If the game companies think they can get away with it they'll try.

static52451846d ago

I believe it will come to light more and more that this is where we are heading. But Killer Instinct just kills me. They are marketing it as a F2P game but it's definitely just a demo. You can have 1 character for free. Want a second one? It's gunna cost you. But it's cool you can buy all 6 for a bundle price. Just call it as it is, a lower priced game.

pompombrum1846d ago

Microsoft like to abuse the term free though. This is the company that advertises their gold features as "free for gold members"

creeping judas1846d ago

Just like them lovely FREE games you get on PS+?

pompombrum1846d ago

Comparing games to services that are freely available on almost every other device is a little much. Still, PS+ games aren't free and have never personally claimed them to be.

Masterchief_KOK1846d ago

$20 is a great price btw me I'm planning to get the $40 or the $60 version. for season 2 and play the old k1.

static52451846d ago

Oh I not denying its a great price and I love the KI franchise but as Judge Judy would say "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining". Just make us pay the 60$ to get the full game. I don't want to pay 20$ for half a game.

Volkama1846d ago

Killer Instinct really doesn't show so many symptoms of the problem this article refers to. KI has an unusual pricing model, but I don't think it's particularly deceptive and I don't think it's really employing the lowest of F2P hooks in a paid for game.

GT6 and Ryse are prime examples of greedy hooks infiltrating premium price games. Microtransactions for currency/gear/consumables have no place in these games.

Saviour1846d ago

it's not just MS or sony almost all major publisher/developers doing it now, rockstar did it all others will do to sadly.

Volkama1846d ago

No doubt. Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 3 for sure.

I think Activision are even testing the waters in WoW, a premium priced game with a subscription AND these transactions on top. Nice one $$$

KYU21301846d ago

Ok so i have a question. Are MS FTP games behind the Gold paywall or are they really accessible to everyone. I know that PS4 FtP games are accessible to all gamers.

Saviour1846d ago

on both console its up to developer, if they want to be played without Gold or Ps plus, but so far seems PS Ftps can be played without +.