Major Nelson on Xbox One and Smartglass: Gamers “Don’t Want to Have the Same Screen Shrunk Down”

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb talked about the Smartglass interaction between Xbox One and mobile devices, explaining that gamers simply don’t care for playing on the go with the same screen shrunk down (which seems to be a subtle jab to Sony’s remote play feature).

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mushroomwig1799d ago

Hey Larry, tell that to the numerous amount of people who have asked and begged Sony for their remote play feature to work with all games.

MorePowerOfGreen1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

The people that begged Sony need to beg consumers to buy vita.


People do like simple pick up and play causal experiences but that same demographic will not enjoy console experiences on a 5 inch screen, hell most of them don't like console experiences or any other game experience other than handheld for that matter.

OrangePowerz1799d ago

Speak for yourself, all the people that I know that have a Vita and get a PS4 are looking forward to that feature.

Also you contradict yourself. People who are more casual don`t care if it`s a 5 inch screen or a 50 inch TV, they want to play their casual games. That`s the reason why smartphone games sell, because they don`t care if it`s on a small screen or on a big screen.

PoSTedUP1799d ago

the demograph that games on a handheld wouldnt want ps4 games on their handeld?

handheld experiences Are console experiences (psp, ds, vita, 3ds). their own platform games arent just pick up and play games. most of them are full fledged games. so now thoes ppl wouldnt want better looking games on the go if we can do so? hah ya sure.. if that was the case we wouldnt ever upgrade our handhelds and sony would have no interest in ps3 cloud streaming to the vita.

Juangie31799d ago

I cant always sit in front of the tv playing games so this does come in handy for me. Just because xbox doesnt support this feature does not mean it isn't desirable

Kryptix1799d ago

Major Nelson, lol the guy is still waiting for game comparisons on how the PS4 version of games looks better when the proof is everywhere now.

Remote play isn't something that should be used more than using the TV. It's there so you can still game when your TV isn't available for use. It's there so when you're not at home and you have the urge to progress in a game or knock a couple minutes out, you can use the feature. Maybe you're at your friend's house and you want to show him or her your new game or how your progress is.

It's a neat extra and if you don't like playing on a small screen then don't use it, simple as that. I got this feeling soon MS is going to try to combat Remote Play by letting you game anywhere using Smartglass...I mean, everything they keep saying, the opposite happens.

scott1821799d ago

Yeah, who would want the next gen experience available on the go, stupid sony for thinking gamers want to enjoy it anywhere.

nukeitall1799d ago

I think the Wii U is a perfect example of this not working and oddly with the Ps4 it requires an expensive device.

I don\t see anyone really caring other tahn uber fans. The vast majority will just stick to simple cellphone and tablet games.

OrangePowerz1799d ago


The WiiU is kind of a differrnt issue. I can't even leave the room without loosing the connection. The remote play I can use in any room and outside the home.

Also the Wii U not doing so great is down to the games not because it uses a screen. If used right it can be great like in ZombieU, but the Wii U is still lacking games compared to other consoles.

ABizzel11799d ago


There are are 6 million of us Vita owners, and more to come with PSV-TV launches worldwide next year.

Remote Play is amazing on the Vita and Larry can stick it up his @$$ on this. Remote Play will allow you to have multiple PlayStation 4's in the house by buying $99 PSV-TV's instead of buying another $400 console.

Sony would be brilliant to allow people to sign into their individual accounts on the PS4 through Remote Play, so if I'm using the PS4 on the big screen, someone else can log into remote play and play on their own profile in another room. 1 console, that works as a gaming hub through your entire house. That's a feature Sony needs to get done by next holiday.

badz1491799d ago


"Gamers “Don’t Want to Have the Same Screen Shrunk Down”

yeah...because everybody loves to play their games anywhere they want with their huge TV! bringing your own tv on trains, buses and even your friend's of relative's place is so totally normal! /s

DragonKnight1799d ago

I find it hilarious that Xbox One fans like nuke and MorePowerOfGreen downplay PS4 remote play and act like Smartglass is such an amazing innovation when it actuality it's not only a lesser experience technically, it's also just a gimmick to make games easier for the casuals and the lazy.

Remember the air strike demo in Dead Rising 3? Hey, is the game getting too hard for you? Bust out your cellphone and use an instakill move on all enemies.

Yeah, that's better than being able to play next gen games on the go. Totally. /s

sinjonezp1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I have a psvita and ps4 and I must say remote play works very well. I played cod and bf4 and resogun and once you get use to it, its the same console experience. The beauty of it is when you want to leave the room, sit on the can, or late night in bed while everything off, you can boot the ps4 from sleep and play as if its ps4 games. While there are kinks go eliminate, the overall experience is quite enjoyable and worth it if you choose to explore that option. I definitely recommend. I have not used the wiiU version so I cannot compare.

Also, that was a douche comment from larry. Sony is giving players options. They have the ability to use a similar experience as glass on there smart phone plus remote play. The joy comes in the fact that I have options. Just like I can choose to have the camera and enjoy that content. The choices offered by sony along with content is great for those looking to buy. You can't go wrong.

minimur121799d ago

Maybe not, but to be honest I'm over the frikkin moon I can basically play my ps4 while I'm I'm bed, or anywhere with a decent WiFi connection. If you don't want that, then there's something wring with you, I mean, its lunch break and you are aching from the need to play your next gen console, well its a good thing I'll be able to play it!

nypifisel1799d ago

Larry - gamers don't want kinect neither..

inveni01799d ago

So first Microsoft tells us what we want and fails. Now, they decide to tell us what we DON'T want, hoping that they'll do better with a second go?

They need to start doing some focus groups or something, because they don't seem to understand that listening is better than talking when it comes to consumer products.

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Bigpappy1799d ago

I sure don't want to play my X1 games on a hand held. I don't even own. Unless you want to count my smart phone.

blackpanther251799d ago

Don't knock it till u try it. Said the same thing until i found myself playing super motherload for 4 hrs whille watching a marathon of the good wife.

PSVita1799d ago

@bigpappy-You won't have an option so don't worry too much about it :)

moparful991794d ago

@Bigpappy But if this feature was on the X1 you would be one of the most vocal people on here screaming about how great a feature it was and that Microsoft is always so in touch with what gamers really want.. Get real bro we know better...

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theshonen88991799d ago

Speak for yourself Larry. I love playing my PS4 and Wii U games on a handheld.

PSjesus1799d ago

I cant take my 50" tv to bed with me or when i poop so
it's still a great option

BallsEye1799d ago

Whole handheld console market and remote play might be cool for some people, good for them. Me, I already waste enough time playing by my tv.

DragonKnight1799d ago

This here, coming from you, is a very reasonable argument that I can't disagree with (hence the agree) and if there were a bubble up option for "Reasonable" you'd get one from me. So for now, I'll just give you a "Well Said."

You said nothing that wasn't true.

brich2331799d ago

I think he may have also been refering to the Wii U console.

neocores1799d ago

Lol really making fun or remote play?
plz after mircosoft tried to froce DRM down on you with no lube. Then you crawl right back hahahha nice logic

3-4-51799d ago

Larence drank too much of kool-aid again.

andrewsqual1799d ago

"Congratulations to @Playstation on their North American launch cc @yosp" , by the way "Gamers don’t want to have the same screen shrunk down and play their console 100 miles away from it either."
That didn't last long.
"Also we know what people want. People will never want a controller with a built in battery or browse the internet on their TVs because durrrrrrrrrr Microsoft."

assdan1799d ago

This is possibly the worst subtle jab ever. Yeah, ya'know what I hate? Being able to play ANY game ANYWHERE without having my ps4 with me. That just flat out sucks. And on top of that, I hate also having an app that does the exact same thing as smart glass for a ps4.

DonMingos1799d ago

Oh is it Major? I thought I wanted... thank you for telling me what I really want... Like Kinect, DRM...

Maybe someday you will 180 that to.

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Kingthrash3601799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

lol! what?
bf4 + toilet = want
kz + girlfriend watching netflix = want
nba2k14 + kids watching spoungebob = want
knack + in bed 12:00 am while the world sleeps = want
cod + an actual upgrade instead of the same recycled sh!t= want
resogun + 30 min lunch break at work = you guessed it.. want
explanation for diagrees = want

kewlkat0071799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Lol..playing a good looking game on a small screen doesn't appeal to me. Def not the first run through.

I think remote play is one of those features if you happen to have a ps vita then sony is like why not..
It's still dependent on bandwith as such all things streaming.

Will somebody go buy a psvita just for remote play well that's a good question. If Microsoft had a handheld I'm sure major would say something different. I know they would have that feature.

All three stream games I think= Psvita + nvidia sheild + 3ds

A tablet without a real controller integrated no thanks.

MikeGdaGod1799d ago

i don't have a Vita....but with the price coming down and some vacation trips planned in the spring, i'll probably get one just for this feature alone.

i used to have a PSP just to play basketball and football on the go. now the idea of remote play and not having to buy games specifically for this system is very appealing to me.

Kingthrash3601799d ago

it work surprisingly well...i was expecting bad lagg but y'know what its pretty dam good.
that my opinion though if its not your thing then i respect that and i agree in full with your comment..i just wanted to add that it works pretty well. a friend of mine acually bought a vita for this feature and he is happy...but that is just him im not sure how many will buy a vita for the feature but its cool non the less.

jmac531799d ago

I bought the Vita because I knew I was getting a PS4. Loving every minute of both consoles. Connecting the two is seamless with barely any lag and it stays connected throughout the whole house.

PoSTedUP1799d ago

yeah uhh psp, ds, 3ds, vita, and thoes who game on smartphones, dont seem to mind a normal sized handheld screen. Vita is better because youre not going to carry around a ipad and a controller in your pocket, my vita fits in my pocket and plays PS4 games : ). i guess im jus a big handheld guy, cuz to me even the NVIDIA Shield loses the feel of handheld gaming (and its not as portable).

Nazara1799d ago

I'm kind of over MS, Nintendo, and Sony telling me what gamers do and do not want. We all have different desires, stop the PR hyperbole please.

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