A Busted Box, A Crushed Console: My PlayStation 4 Launch Story

Darkstation: "By now, everyone who really wanted the new PlayStation 4 console are huddled in front of their television sets, exploring Sony’s foray into next gen gaming. I remember feeling pretty apprehensive about the new wave of consoles but Sony’s showing at E3 last June had me pumped up and and ready to be part of the zeitgeist that is Day One."

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Dragonborn3121889d ago

That really sucks. The writer seems to have not let it get to him which is good. Hopefully the next shipment arrives soon enough.

thekhurg1889d ago

I thought my PS4 was packed badly by Amazon, but it has nothing on how UPS handled this package...

I feel kind of petty in how irritated I was over something that didn't even cause any damage.

nukeitall1889d ago

I feel bad for the guy, but I feel even worse for amazon. it sounds like it wasn\t amazon\s fault, but somehow, amazon is paying the guy $75 for a bad handling of the pacakge by ups.

i preordered my ps4 from amazxon and hope it got there in one piece.

Bigpappy1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

The factory packing for both X1 and PS4 should be good enough to withstand normal handling while shipping. You should be able to drop the box from a standing position from a certain number of feel with no worries. At least that is how it was in the late 80's early 90's when I worked for an electronics manufacturer in the U.S.

UPS only adds extra packing because they insure every package.

qcjoe1889d ago

Thats what my shipping box looked like. Thank God my PS4 was not damaged. I hope that Xbox one fans fair better in how they get shipped out.

kneon1889d ago


Looking at how my PS4 was shipped it would require a pretty good whack to break it, especially if it's in another box.



Remember when electronics came wraped in either bubble-wrap (or similarly anti-shock wrap), the box was filled with peanuts and/or have rigid styrofoam pannels to secure everything in place?

I remember my last CRT TV being really well packaged (a 14" screen for a bedroom, but the box was big enough to fit a 21") and the TV itself was really resistant. Yet my ultra slim LED monitor I just bought, which is much more fragile, came loosely wraped in some crappy thin foamy paper (I don't know what it's called) with little styrofoam blocks just anchoring it to the corners inside the box. I could literally press the box into the screen with minimum force...

Every piece of electronic I see is the same, my PS3 Slim itself was boxed with the same crappy paper wrap and secured inside with some cardboard mounts. The controller and cords came half loose inside (specially worrying for the controller, which is not protected enough inside a simple clear plastc sack).

I guess electronics are simply no longer packaged for endurance like they used to be in the 90's/early 2000's.

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us_army1889d ago

I'm sorry to anyone that had this issue, but people please understand how great going to a retailer and purchasing it truly is. I understand the convenience of shopping online, but there is so many more possible issues that can happen from purchasing online. Take the short time to drive to a store, and pre-order. Lines are a thing of the past if you pre-order.

Dragonborn3121889d ago

Yeah I feel much more comfortable going to a store to pick up a preordered console then ordering it online. Hopefully this friday I will have no issues at all with my Xbox One.

svoulis1889d ago

These are the horror stories that keep me from buying stuff online. They really are.

TedCruzsTaint1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I would like to think this is a very, very isolated thing.
Having bought everything from multiple monitors, PC parts, games and, once, a large television, I can honestly say I have never had a single issue with my online orders.
Not sure if purely luck though.

joab7771889d ago

I will but certain things but at this point with my expectations through the roof for the ps4...I couldn't take the chance.

Skate-AK1889d ago

I ordered a 47" 3D TV from amazon that came in perfect condition from over a thousand miles away.

Agent_00_Revan1888d ago

I've bought 2 big screen TVs from them. I buy computer parts, electronics, other sensitive stuff all the time. Never had any issues.

But I knew after watching the video posted online of the systems being packed that those boxes housing the system box were Way too big. And the didn't look like they were getting stuffed properly.

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AsimLeonheart1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

My sympathies are with the guy. It looks like most of the faulty consoles are DOA meaning that they were damaged during transit. The people responsible for delivery have been very... "irresposible". Oh well, at least he has a warranty to claim. In my country, where neither Sony nor MS nor Nintendo launch their consoles officially, a busted console means you are screwed and your money went down the drain. The masses here are just too poor to think of anything else other than meeting their household expenses so companies are not interested in trying to sell a videogame console over here. Makes it really tough for the rest of us guys.

colonel1791889d ago

I can't get why amazon and ups workers can't be careful when dealing with other people's belongings. If they are tired or something, then it's not everyone's fault. Those people that treat packages should be fired in an instant.

GiantEnemyCrab1889d ago

They are told to treat every package as if it's priceless but the drivers in the field don't always stick to that. I completely agree, $400 is not something to be thrown around and people expect their packages to come the way it was shipped.

joab7771889d ago

I do know that UPS has a high least around here and especially at xmas time. If it becomes a habit...u won't hav a job.

NateCole1889d ago

You have more than a few thousands to deliver asap. There is bound to be the odd one damaged. It does suck though.

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