The Gun’s Jammed: Annual Call of Duty Problems

Another year, another Call of Duty. Another year, another finely tuned but overly linear–and now very short–campaign. Another year, another iteration of the same bloated multiplayer suite with a new character advancement system. Another year, and another season of blockbuster holiday sales for Activision and Infinity Ward. Aim down the sight, fire. Guy gets behind cover, grenade. Duck, pop back up, fire, hope you hit something, move on.

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SL1M DADDY1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Articles like this are almost comical these days. It’s like offering up your ideas as to how you can improve on the street ball scene or how to better the game of football. There is a game called Call of Duty, and though there is another iteration of the game released yearly, it is the same in many respects. Why? Because that is what the majority want. They want the familiarity of the franchise and with little tweaks here and there, they still come in droves to buy the next in the series. Sorry, but articles like this will be read and dismissed as drivel by those that could care less about how "you" want to see the game change. The minority in the gaming world does not have the loudest voice.

monochromer1796d ago

Yeah, I'm not really sure why people complain about sameness. What type of innovation are people wanting out of... Call of Duty? It's an arcade-y FPS... it's just run and gun for fun. And it works.

ZombieKiller1796d ago

It sounds like the author is just sick of Call of Duty.

Stop playing it then! There ARE other games out there better than COD.

B-radical1796d ago

Ehh if activision only made next year cod-less im sure a good cod game could come out in 2015

sdozzo1796d ago

Lame article. C'mon guy.