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Jim Sterling writes: Resogun's pretty graphics and sometimes excessive effects make it look like a tech demo, but its refined action and subtle intricacies quickly put such notions to death. This is a thrilling and challenging shooter that just so happens to demo the tech quite well.

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R171847d ago

Looks like a great experience

MWong1847d ago

It's a fun chaotic experience IMO. I love the game and the particle effects are beautiful.

Eonjay1847d ago

Add me! My PSN is... Eonjay -> go figure right?
I live for CO-Op Resogun. I get off work in about 1 hour. Its on!

fluffydelusions1847d ago

Awesome game IMO. Been playing on and off since launch. Love the graphics and soundtrack.

1847d ago
ssj271847d ago

Good game and fun just like their game on the PS3..

Offtopic I'm the onky one who can't download free to play games on the ps4? I'm doing anything wrong?

Keyser1847d ago

Are you going to the PSN store then selecting games and scrolling down to see what's free? It feels different than the PS3 store and it took me a hot second to pick up on how to do it as well. So, it's not just you.

HammadTheBeast1847d ago

If it's not letting you, the servers are still wonky.

USA0071847d ago

The first time I downloaded Warframe it wouldn't stop giving me the ready to install notification even though it was installed, so I deleted it and downloaded again, works great now

ssj271847d ago

Thanks for the reply people! +
I guess I have to keep trying until it works.

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Keyser1847d ago

Really enjoy this game. Gorgeous shooter. I like that I can hand the controller to a young lady sitting next to me, with little gaming experience, for her to enjoy as well.

LoveForGames1847d ago

accessibility i a key-element for indy games... thats what i like about these type of games. Remember giving my controller to my gf to try flower or Journey even having nothing in common with videogames she had no problem to navigate through the world.

Drekken1847d ago

And FREE for most of us. They need to release some DLC so I can pay them for this game.

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