PlayStation4 Error Codes List and Fixes of these Codes

As with the release of PlayStation4 there are some error that you may face during the use of PS4, this could be happen at any time: at the launch of game or during gameplay or you can get it during the use of any application and also when u connect your PS4 to internet.

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NAG1798d ago

Error code: #########
Solution: Return to store for a full refund...

I kid, I kid

KillrateOmega1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

That's N4G for you. I may support Sony over Microsoft, but even I recognize that you can't say something even slightly anti-Sony without dooming yourself to Disagrees and retaliatory comments, even if what you said was a joke.

Morpheuzpr1798d ago

I don't think that joking about a fellow gamer's investment of $400+ is funny. Would you be laughing if it was you?

KillrateOmega1798d ago

No. Probably not.

However, that doesn't make what I said false. He said that as a joke, you may not consider it funny, but it was still joke.

Big-Bruizzer1798d ago

@NAG I found it funny. Too many sensitive bitches these days. Thanks for the laugh, enjoy your bubble up for funny.