PS4 Issues Overreported Due to Amazon Trolls?

A commentary examining the recent issues surrounding the PS4 launch. Reports are coming in from multiple news outlets and social media sites that a number of Playstation 4 customers have been having issues with disc drives, Red Lights of Death, and Blue Lights of Death. Several consoles are being reported as DOA (Dead on Arrival), while others are reporting that their console stopped working after a few days of use.

Many of the stories reference Amazon reviews, but also point out that many of the reviews could possibly be faked by Xbox trolls.

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joeyisback1847d ago

yep xbone trolls if the guy gets ceo for microsoft would be funny if he sold it to sony to shutup the xbone fangirls

xHeavYx1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

The hell are you talking about? You think the same won't happen when the One releases?
I agree with being harsh against the competition if you have a reason to, but non-sense trolling is pathetic.

EDIT: As I finish posting this comment, I see drsfinest72's comment below to help me prove my point.

EDIT 2: This is the perfect (yet a bit stupidly acted) video on how easy it is to post a troll review on Amazon

Dehnus1847d ago

Be honest, would you be so forgiving and reaching if it was the other way around? :P.

HighResHero1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

There were a select few "Amazon users" that would troll the big PS3 releases and try to ruin the hype. I wouldn't be surprised if there are even more now and this may apply to other products as well(and other websites actually).
Then the standard troll websites turn it into a big deal.

See, observe the standard troll below for more details, as heavy pointed out.

This is more of a blatant troll and one of the many variations of trolling the creatures exhibit.

I should be more careful not to alert it while it's in its' natural habitat.

RiPPn1847d ago

@Dehnus: No because Microsoft has a history, so of course we wouldn't be so forgiving.

Reverent1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

If the PS4 had an absolute zero percent failure rate, there would still be people complaining about how theirs bricked on them. (Even though these particular people wouldn't have owned one in the first place)

People on the opposing side are always looking to make things seem worse for their competition.

I fully believe that the same scenario will play out when the Xb1 releases.

This is the kind of s**t that makes us gamers look bad.

FITgamer1847d ago

@xHeavYx Lol that link you posted all of his tabs are porn websites.

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user95970821847d ago Show
Funantic11847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Which one is it? Was it Xbox trolls, Foxconn intern sabotage, or Amazon workers slinging the PS4 boxes around? How is it it that when techs took the PS4 apart they found cheap hardened thermal paste? Plus the comment reviews on Amazon came from verified purchasers. Everyone is catching the blame but Sony. Nah, this article is damage control for those in denial. If the Xbone has issues I guess they can blame it on Sony fanboys.

T21847d ago

Wait your prediction is about to come true there will be an army of troll reviews on xbone as well ... Almost guaranteed

static52451847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

It was one guy from 4Chan that said this about the Thermal Paste I haven't actually heard anything from actual tech people about this problem.

Here's the thing Sony knows about these problem and yes it is a problem. But nobody has any reason to "burn Sony down" because of this. Nobody even really knows what the problem was/is. It could have been Sony's patch, mishandling, sabotage, or just a defect in the system or it could have been people would don't really know tech and started pulling things out and unplugging things when they shouldn't have.

I'm not Sony is right or wrong about this because honestly no one knows. But in the grand scheme of things I don't see this as a disaster. Its just fanboyism, biased reporting, trolls, and my favorite just plan morons.

Common Sense people.
True gamers are about the games not the console.

Brix901847d ago

What are you talking about no one is saying xbox trolls are responsible for overheating Read title there trying to say it seems "OVERREPORTED due to Amazon trolls".

LackTrue4K1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

red dragon=Microsoft's ass kisser

i hope this a=hole uses this same logic on his XboxOne.

RiPPn1847d ago

Agreed, he is one of the worst Microsoft apologists I've seen, he makes Sessler look like a Sony fanboy. Just watch his videos defending the original vision of the Xbox One.

T21847d ago Show
ZBlacktt1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Yep, he thinks so highly of himself he doesn't even realize how he talks in circles. Thus putting more spin then ever on the topic. He has so much opinion wrapped up in his little speech as well. He is guessing and reaching at the same time. He can't even picture 1 million consoles sold to 350 legit complaints. Well guess what, there could be more complaints sure but there is also a damn lot more consoles sold since the first 24 hours. So again, just the facts here Dragon, you went in and verified complaints, there is a verified 1 million consoles sold. The rest is all gossip. So cut your self centered video down to 3 minutes next time and save us the rambling.

AndrewLB1847d ago

Yea. These xbox fanboys are so evil they actually bought thousands of PS4's just so they can make up stories about the console failing...

... riiight.

Some of you people need mental help after seeing the lengths some of these fanboys will go just to completely ignore the most logical of possibilities just so you can push the most ridiculous crap.

Oh.. So I was buying a heavy duty extension cord at Walmart today here in Long Beach and decided to go check out the PS4 and Xbone displays and to my amazement they actually had a single PS4 left. That's when the arguing began between two customers... then the shouting... then a right hook that missed... leaving him wide open for an outstanding haymaker. hehe. that's what he gets for throwing a punch over a stupid game console. But it does illustrate the pure psychosis many ps4 fanboys are living with.

saint_seya1847d ago

U are so smart, you know, they say fake reports because less than half on amason are verified purchases.. you can notice that with only checking...

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drsfinest721847d ago ShowReplies(4)
1847d ago
Pintheshadows1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

It is basically the same thing that happens on Metacritic user reviews.

Not saying the issues do not exist but the percentage is tiny and a lot of the complaints are easily solved if you have a quick look in the manual.

pacostacos1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

i doubt its trolls if you read forums from other websites alot of people are having problems unfortunately. maybe some are trolls but the majority seem to be legit cases

TheFutureIsBlue1847d ago

Really? I'm not having any problems. Want me to share a video on this b!tch to show you? All of my friends on my psn are not having any problems. GTFO.

pacostacos1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

good for you and your friends while your uploading a video on youtube to share why dont you search some vids for ps4 issues, blod, or some variation, and youll see that other arent as lucky as you

Bzone241847d ago

There you have it. Thefutureisblue isn't having problems. His friends aren't having problems. So that means nobody is having problems.

TheFutureIsBlue1847d ago

The Xbone will have problems too. Every hardware does. Ever heard of someone getting a faulty camera/tv/phone. etc. It's nothing new, but these people leaving reviews aren't even having problems. They are just trolling to bring the score down. If they posted a video and 20 pictures of their ps4 being messed up I would believe them.

Ashunderfire861847d ago

Never heard of the Wii U dead on arrival?

Blackdeath_6631847d ago

there are problems, no one is denying that. its just really hard to gauge how big a problem when you have people with new amazon accounts multiposting 1 star reviews that aren't even verified as a user who has purchased the console. also we are not talking about 300k or 400k sales as was the case with current gen consoles, we are talking 1 MILLION SALES here

T21847d ago

No its not alot . Its the highly vocal few which interests me not in the least.

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