The 5 Worst Boss Battles (And the Good Ones They Can Learn From)

The boss fight is a proud old gaming tradition and, often, rubbish. Sore from a lifetime of cheap boss tricks and thumb-numbing button bashing, we present our five least favourite boss encounters in games, alongside five much better ones to show them how it should be done. Spoilers ahead, so be warned.

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Stick891793d ago

Shao Khan from MK9 needs to be on the list of worse boss fights ever.

GdaTyler1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Scorpion rapes him everytime with his teleport attack.Teaches Shao Kahn a lesson with his CHEAP hammer throw,tackles,and almost 1-Hit KO X-Rays. Shao Kahn is a real b*tch to fight with characters without ranged attacks. I'm not so good with the other characters, just Liu Kang and Scorpion.

Stick891793d ago

I don't doubt it (Scorpion is a monster and is my favorite character), but I'm talking about Story mode Shao Khan, and they force you to use Raidan -.- It's disgusting :(

LoveSpuds1793d ago

Radec from KillZone 2......that cheap, good for nothing, four flushing sack of shit! Apart from that I loved that game :)

SpinalRemains1381793d ago

Worst boss battle in history is Vader in Feces Unleashed II.

First of all, you fight him 3 hours into the game. I thought it was just an introductory meeting where I wouldn't be able to kill him till the end of the game. Sadly, that was the end of the game!

Secondly, he starts warping around the dam room and you can't attack him and it was the most horrid, depressing boss battle in the history of gaming.

I'd rather play Adventure on Atari for 40 hrs straight.