Complex Gaming PS4 Review: A Powerful and Simple Game Console

The Xbox One looks like it might have something of an identity problem, wanting to rule the living room and be a hardcore gaming console at the same time. But the PlayStation 4 has no such dilemma; it's a machine for playing video games. That's really all it is. And that's totally OK.

Sure, the PS4 has some entertainment apps, like Hulu, Netflix and Crackle. And it's sure to get many more over its lifespan. It has an internet browser too, of course. But you won't be plugging your cable box into the back of the PS4, or calling out the names of Skype contacts. On PS4, you'll be playing video games.

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MatrixxGT1796d ago

This I noticed right out of the box. PS4 is 100% a gaming console. And that's clearly sonys new mission. How it will fair with x1 remains to be seen. Its missing things the ps3 did fine but all that kinda went out the window when I put in bf4 and it installed instantly and started playing and thought to myself..hell yeah!

GiantEnemyCrab1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Give it a little time and Sony will get lots of features back from the PS3. They didn't have everything the PS3 has now on launch day. One of the biggest things I noticed from the PS3 to the PS4 is just how fast it is now. The store, the game launching, the UI is all seamless and fast.

Soldierone1796d ago

They are probably just working with license to get stuff on PS4. You can't get licenses, release a new product, and auto transfer everything. It's a new product, a new deal needs to be put in place to get it there.

Sony will soon just use "well its your loss then" and features will come back.

Ju1796d ago

I am not sure if it is "just" the licensing. I think Sony was on a tight deadline as well, and put the resources where they needed them most: writing an OS first and services later. The kernel is obviously a very functional FreeBSD, but what makes the huge difference is what else is there: graphics kernel, SDK, development tools, etc. While you see a machine to play games today, nothing was there just 2 years ago. And this includes none of the tools to actually allow developers to make those games. To release at the same time with the HW requires the OS to be well defined and stable at launch. With minor changes coming to not break future and current games. Not an easy task.

Porting media services now that it is launched is a lesser task, IMO, and can just release along the way. I don't think that it'll take long to get those out. It's not much that's missing anyway. Netflix is there - the best version.

PS4isKing_821796d ago

@matrix sorry for the disagree, my phone kinda sucks lol I meant to hit agree for everything you said. It feels as amazing as ps2 did when it launched.

Go PS4!!!

MatrixxGT1796d ago

Its fine bud. I don't pay attention to them anyways. It is amazing and remote play is really nice feature.

ILive1796d ago

It sucks cuz mine died on arrival. Sony has to acknowledge this problem. It just takes the excitement away. It didn't even last five minutes.

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TheFallenAngel1796d ago

I love my ps4. its hands down the best console I have ever played. I love the little music on the background.

Mr-Dude1796d ago

But how are the games? I'm very curious about those

TheFallenAngel1796d ago

I only bought FIFA and cod. Fifa is great, cod is OK. I download resongun and is great too.

Soldierone1796d ago

Awesome, the new controller is so comfortable to play with. COD is fun because its a lot more responsive.

Killzone is very vibrant and has all kinds of stuff going on to show you what next gen is. BF4 honestly has scenes that look as if they are photo realistic.

Resogun is like a cool Blast Factor too haha

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Sarcasm1796d ago

If you want to see what the PS4 is capable of, KZ SF is THE title to get. That and Resogun. And these are just launch titles, imagine seeing a game with a solid 3 years of development.

Ju1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Games are great, what I really like is how fast and fluid everything works. Background downloading is awesome - this even works in stand-by mode.

NFS looks great, feels great, plays great (just had a half day with it).

All the shooters are great - controller just works. And I did not think I would have said that, but L2/R2 actually works. Surprise, surprise. I thought I'd never switch from buttons to triggers - it is the default config in games, BF4 doesn't even allow you to switch (which is disappointing - and not so great with remote play).

Blacklight is a great positive impression. I like that game - free to play and sure can keep up. Nicely done! It "stole" quite a bit from other games "Unstoppable" (lol), sound is the closest to "Black" I've yet seen in a shooter. Rest is Unreal-CoD-Mech play. But still. All this makes it unique.

Warframe for those who prefer (online) co-op.

My favorite is AC4. What a great game.

Played NBA and Madden. Not so my cup of tea. But Ok.

Contrast is a fresh idea. Need to take the time to play it :)

And well, Resogun. Not much to say about that. Arcade HQ.

Loving that machine; will make me happy for a long time. Almost thinking, that is what the PS3 should have been. But of course, the time wasn't there just yet in 2006.

IRON883 1796d ago

I got bf4 shadow fall and ghosts shadow fall looks insane!!!! And bf4 also looks very good and ghosts looks pretty ok not to bad

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xXxSeTTriPxXx1796d ago

*Playstation 4, simply powerful* would be a great pr campaign.

DrRobotnik1796d ago

I have to wait till the first of the month to get/find mine.