Playstation 4 Launch Day Blues

John Meadows from GoozerNation writes, "Like so many gamers on November 15th I was excited to get my hands on a PlayStation 4 and see what the next gen consoles had to offer. But like a lot of launch day adapters my day was filled with headaches, anger and disappointment"

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GiantEnemyCrab1848d ago

Same here but I got to enjoy a couple hours before it shut down. Talk about a kick in the stomach. I will get a replacement as soon as they are available but doesn't look like before Thanksgiving. Hopefully you have an XB1 coming this week Goozenation so you have a new console to play before your PS4 comes back and I wish you luck!

TomShoe1847d ago

"Launch day ADAPTERS"

Your grammar, it hurts my soul.

MatrixxGT1847d ago

Sucks man. Mines been working fine I got from best buy. Not sure how you tell where it was manufactured?

avengers19781847d ago

There is a sticker on the bottom of the console, at the bottom it says where and when it was made. It's hard to read though so have a flashlight handy.
Mine has also worked fine since picking it up at midnight.

harrisk9541847d ago

I got mine from Amazon and it running quiet and cool. Sorry to those who are having problems. :(

ExPresident1847d ago

Sucks, but there are some issues with all tech releases. I honestly think its a pretty small number tho, compared to the number of PS4's out there. I've been enjoying mine since release day with no issues, and could only hope for the same for others.

Its a blast!

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