Xbox Live Exec Talks Xbox One -- It's More Than A Game Console | Forbes

Hyrd said that it’s tremendously important to developers that Kinect is now bundled. “Instead of thinking ‘well gee maybe only 10% of the audience is going to see this particular feature of a game, now they’re guaranteed that every single person has Kinect and can therefore do really interesting things.” An example at launch is Dead Rising 3 that allows you to shout “hey come here” to summon zombies. He said that he’s seeing games where Kinect can sense the light in the room “so if it’s darker maybe you’ll see more zombies.”

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KetchupBlood1799d ago

OK, that's my problem with XBOX ONE. I have to turn off my lights to play the games to the fullest. The games I have nothing problem with, in fact I love them, but the Kinect features are so much of a drag.

Septic1799d ago

You can use the Kinect in the dark you know right? I tested it out myself in pitch is quite amazing in that sense.

alexkoepp1799d ago

Not to mention with at least BF4, you have a built in TrackIR right? Google it if you dont know what it is, and that isn't even the tip of the iceberg, just a taste of what is to come...

NAG1799d ago

You scared of the dark kid? Get a Wii then...

I think that's crazy cool... "He said that he’s seeing games where Kinect can sense the light in the room “so if it’s darker maybe you’ll see more zombies.”"!!!

BBBirdistheWord1799d ago

I'll be playing the XBO in the pitch dark. One day, if I get the ps4 and spend the extra dosh on the pseye, I may need to revert to turning the light on for the inferior tech on ps4, but that is a moot point.

Fact of the matter is that MS seems to have motion control sewn up, even in the pitch dark. This is an amazing achievement.

Even if most fanboys aren't aware of this yet.

Volkama1799d ago

It's not a moot point...

Games (and films) should be played in the dark, it's just how screens are best viewed. I'd be a bit annoyed if I had to have a light on for either console.

ABizzel11799d ago

My problem is not with XBO, it's a solid console. My problem is with M$ greed of nickel and dimeing consumers, their restrictive policies on controlling and forcing things on consumers, and knowing their true intentions are not what's best for gamers, but best for them and their business partners.

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GaminGuys1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

oops typo here > Hyrd said that Kinect is integrated at a “low level.”

> Hyrd said that it’s tremendously important to developers that Kinect is now bundled.

Septic1799d ago

Yeah but Microsoft, we don't want a console that tries to be a jack of all trades but master of none.

NAG1799d ago

How about just a master of Entertainment then?!

Both consoles are going to be great... Get over it and be a fan of gaming not a fanboy of one camp!

Septic1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I'm not being a fanboy, I have high hopes for the X1 (getting mine on Friday yeah!) but I just don't want MS to try and do too many things at once. Let them focus on gaming first, get that right and the rest can follow.

I'm not saying they can't do it by the way, I'm just being cautiously optimistic.

Bigpappy1799d ago

I like having lots of new features. It is one of the things that M$ has always done. They try to keep thing fresh and keep pushing forward. They make sony have to get outside help just to try and keep pace with all the new stuff. This is where they are seen as the leader.

Malice-Flare1799d ago

they're going to face the same troubles PS3 did when Sony decided to push Blu-Ray...

at least, the press seem to be on their side...

Sarcasm1799d ago

Yup lucky for them, sites like Polygon, asrtechnica, and Kotaku are there to save the day!

Insomnia_841799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


This will do fairly good in the US only. The problem is, XBOX is known by people as a GAMES device! It is being displayed at a GAMES SECTION in stores! If the want other demographics to jump into their TV entertainment side and plan on releasing an entertainment only XBOX, then they need to advertise it somehwere else and not the GAMING sections at stores. Sony already tried this years ago in EU and it didn't do well. There's already too many devices out there that do all that for a much cheaper price. Microsoft is late to it already. Now Apple owns the tech for kinect and they are the popular brand now.

When you look at all these points and have some knowledge of what's going on with other devices, popularity, how people nowadays like or how they think or whatever, it's easy to assume the results of Microsoft entertainment only focused device.

Microsoft product will fail like all of their devices lately

What they SHOULD be doing, and that's a GAMING FOCUSED DEVICE, they are not doing. Release a $350 console without kinect (according to them Kinect is worth $150 alone) and see those betamaxes fly off the shelves!

Sarcasm1799d ago

If the Xbone had a $349 SKU it would have been priced perfectly against the PS4 and would be a lot easier to overlook the technical shortcomings.

NAG1799d ago

How did that turn out for Sony?


Sarcasm1799d ago

I stopped reading at "Mountain Dew and Doritos - The two main food groups at least for some gamers" lol

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