Destructoid Review: PS4

DT - "Remember daydreaming about a system that would let you buy and download games online, and then let you share your experiences socially? There was a day when the concept seemed so far off, but now that system is finally here. We've been talking about Sony's next game console for years, so it feels kind of weird to actually have one now."

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OrangePowerz1798d ago

Well more games are not that far off, early next year there is DriveClub, imFamous and Watch Dogs.

Drekken1798d ago

Reviewing a console should be based on the hardware, the OS, and how it plays games. Not the actual games. This is Sony we are talking about... the games are coming.

This console is super fast and multitasks like a beast. There are a few things I would like to see added or revised, but based on how much the PS3 changed over time with firmware... The changes I want will come too.

ikkokucrisis1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Been having a lot of fun with the F2P games like Warframe and DC Online. Both games run amazingly well and shouldn't be missed, the 'potential' is here and now on PS4!

Ju1798d ago

Add Blacklight Retribution to it. Loving this one, too.

JuniorCE1798d ago

Everybody wants to get a PS4 :-D

Duke191798d ago

I actually appreciate that they didn't give out a numeric score. Solid feedback and thoughts about the system, but acknowledging that consoles and the experience with them change over time, especially the first few months after launch.

Basically Sony built an excellent, no fluff gaming console - now its up to developers to produce a library to match.

svoulis1798d ago

Glad they didnt give it a score. I hate seeing consoles with a score.

Good read ;D

Lovable1798d ago

Main gripe is the current library which is fair. Great review though

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