Here’s the Download Sizes for all PS4 Launch Games

If you’re planning on buying some of your PlayStation 4 games through the PlayStation Store, we’ve compiled a list of how much space each title will take up. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to play most titles as you download them, and quite a few of the games already have updates you’ll need to download, which will increase each’s size. - PSLS

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Hk85karlsson1794d ago

Wow, there´s a reason why we´ll need a 1.5TB SSHD.

Shadow Flare1794d ago

For a second I thought you was talking about Super Stardust HD. And I almost wet my pants.

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NovusTerminus1794d ago

And I have a 100gig cap per month, this is why I will be staying with disk releases for a long while to come.

MaverickStar71794d ago

Before they even announced storage sizes I said anything less than 1TB would suck. That was just when I thought both companies would be pushing digital downloads more. I wasn't even thinking about installs. This is just like last gen. The 500 will do for awhile for your casual customer, but the serious gamer will need to upgrade ASAP. There is no way mine makes it a years. I went crazy and bought 12 launch games(not including the free stuff on psn). By the time DLC comes out that storage space is toast.

I guess just be part of the plan. Save money off the start. Release consoles with more storage later on, just like last gen. I am at least glad we can replace the storage and the play while the game is installing.

tdogchristy901794d ago

This is something i've wondered about. Is all this worry about size based on those that download/go digital? Or is this true of people going physical as well, or is it stored in the cache and deleted?

Just trying to figure the size issues physical or digital and their difference.

sdozzo1794d ago

They both can be deleted while keeping your game saves. It's the reinstall that will take forever once you move games on and off the system for free space. How could someone go all digital after knowing this news?

tdogchristy901794d ago

That's what I'm trying to figure out. Ok example...

Say ac4 is stated as 40GB...

Is that 40GB if digital and if physical its say 15GB...or is its 40GB physical as well since all ps3/4 games are installed to the hard drive?

Corpser1794d ago

Physical games take up 15-40 gigabytes as well, I have 5 disk games plus a couple digital ones (resogun,contrast), my HD only has 230GB left :(

tdogchristy901794d ago

Wow, that sure answers my question.

AaronMK1794d ago

I'm not too worried about the hard drive size, and I think going physical has a lot to do with it. For physical reinstalling a game is a matter of seconds to a few minutes before you are playing, not hour(s) like like digital. Game saves take up minimal space, and all the games I will be playing with any kind of frequency at any give time will fit on the 500GB drive.

So I'd say the only people having real issues with HD space will be people going "digital", have capped connections where downloading something multiple times can be an issue, and people who swap a lot of games in and out frequently.

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The story is too old to be commented.