Xbox One review: Zoo Tycoon is the Xbox One game you didn’t know you wanted - Financial Post

Financial Post: Zoo Tycoon is the Xbox One game you didn’t know you wanted. Seriously.

Frontier Developments’ animal park simulator exploits Microsoft Corp.’s new hardware in all the right ways.

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Dragonborn3121820d ago

I might check it out eventually after I play my more hardcore games. It might make for a nice relaxing experience. I used to love playing tycoon games when I was younger.

JohnnyTower1820d ago

Ive known I wanted this game since July. I am so surprised Xbox hasn't really advertised this baby. It looks really different and its a cheap solution to get my Gf that zebra shes been hounding me for.

Dlacy13g1820d ago

I have heard a few sites now saying similar. Zoo Tycoon is looking like a must play for me.

monkey6021820d ago

Zoo tycoon is really well optimized for the console and it's controller. The developers truly thought out how they'd workaround restrictions. The demo I played was too short for my liking but I'd love to get this game

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