Assassin's Creed 4: Current-Gen Vs Next-Gen

NowGamer: "With Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag now available for both PS3 and PS4, it’s undoubtedly tough to make a purchasing decision.

Should you opt for a pricier console and the corresponding volume or should you wait, save the money, and get by with the current-gen edition?

If you already took the plunge, is it worth a trade-in to upgrade? We put both versions through their paces to outline the differences between both copies. The verdict? Suffice it to say you may be better off looking to the future."

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JessiePinkmanYo1799d ago

This game is absolutely gorgeous on my PS4. I haven't seen it on current gen, but the gameplay is flawless on PS4

moparful991799d ago

Totally in love with this game right now on my PS4.. My only complaint so far is the free running mechanics.. Sometimes Kenway jumps or moves in a direction you don't want him to.

But from a technical and graphical perspective this game is astounding..

guitarded771799d ago

The main things I've noticed is how smooth the graphics look. You don't see the jaggies like on the PS3 version. Also, it just runs better. AC on PS3 had pop-in, especially in the distance. The PS4 version just runs better.

Eldyraen1799d ago

It really does run great. I've encounter a bug or two but less than most AC games and so much smoother all around.

The high seas have never looked better (in a game of course) as water completely caught me off guard even after watching videos. I can definitely see why AC4 is one of highest rated games this holiday. I have been playing it a ton just exploring and taking out ships. Its sort of the Farcry of Pirates in that regard as story is cool but I'll just be Pirating so much more than anything else.

It makes me sad though that Disney cancelled their PotC game which was also to be open world. It was even supposed to have good/evil changes similar to Fable (visual change on Captain and even ship I believe). I was so loving everything I heard about that one. Not really on topic but Pirates are awesome.

GeraltofRivia1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Being that youtube now supports 1440p resolutions and 4k resolutions it would be interesting to see AC4 on "next gen" compared to pc at 1080p and something like 1440p on pc.

angelsx1799d ago

Why youtube don't have true 1080p 60fps?

Duke191799d ago

Was playing this and BF4 on the PS4 all weekend, and could not get over how detailed/sharp the games looked for launch titles.

Maybe its all in my head, but colors seemed to pop more coming from the PS4 than my PS3/360.

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