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Hardcore Gamer: It has been seven long years since Sony has released a video game console, and while the PlayStation 3 has become a phenomenal success that has delivered some of the best games and media services to date, its successor has been long desired. On November 15 this year, Sony released their fourth home console to the market that seems to have beat its competitor in almost every aspect. We take a look at the device itself and the potential it holds for its five to eight year life cycle. Is this the next big evolution for the PlayStation brand, or have big promises fallen short?

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hazardman1798d ago

At the moment im gonna go 8/10. Lack of games(sony exclusives) and to much memory taken up by game installs. And even with a 1tb i still feel like its not enough. 1080p HD ddl are huge files. But hey im still enjoying the system and have just enough to hold me over til some more exclusives release.

Deividas1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Game size has nothing to do with Sony. Thats just cause its next gen and games will keep getting bigger, you have had to know that...And you expected them to give you 10+ Exclsuives...on launch..its a launch console man, if you expected anything other than 2-3 exclusives you have lost it. The two points you deducted from the rating have nothing to do with the console itself...

Neo Nugget1798d ago

Those installs don't take much time at all. DD games might be a bit more problematic, but there's not much they can do about it, really.

MeteorPanda1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

honestly who reviews a console and gives it a score? how desperate are we for a number rating?

The graphics of todays generation aren't going to get any better. we know how to create 3D worlds, we've been creating them for 2 decades now. The fact we desire more then 1080p is just crazy. Fighting ove 720 and 1080 is more so.

Not many publishers besides AAA can pull off that high demand and the consoles fit nice within that boundary. No, the gap between ps3 and 4 is not as big as the ps1 was to ps2. but is that necessary a bad thing? We've reached the limit screens can take us and that's amazing in my opinion.

dcj05241798d ago

It can go farther. AI still isn't 100% Humam Like, textures aren't 100% scaleable ( when I zoom in I should tons of tiny details, not blur), we don't have 4K 60FPS and still no afforadable (LA NOIR costed too much) facial animation systems. We have a lot to do. I think the goal is to have 100% realstic indistinguishable graphics and its all open world. And that'll take a long time.

MeteorPanda1797d ago

A.I l agree with, however textures 100% scaleable, as an animator you are making me cry, any non real model would have to be heavily reliant on the artist and that could take ages, something a deadline can mess with.

The problem l'm seeing is that developers can't keep up with the demand. we are pushing the tools we have, wait til people get familiar with the new unreal engine and we might see better ai, facial expressions,etc

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Ozmoses1798d ago

Other than BF4 problems everything is fine..

The system is smooth and streamline... works like a champ.. I've already clocked some good hours on it.

Great system and will only get better.

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