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If you're specifically looking for Killzone's unique brand of mixed-mode multiplayer, where the shooting seamlessly migrates from deathmatch to capture & hold to a series of other objectives without pausing or reloading the map, Killzone: Shadow Fall offers that with some interesting ideas that make it slightly more accessible and give it more options than its predecessor. It's a quality multiplayer shooter paired with a lackluster campaign that starts out with promise that it completely squanders by the time the credits roll.

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Mr Pumblechook1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Jeff Gerstmann is a reviewer I trust. Whilst he doesn't love Killzone Shadow Fall's single player campaign he does objectively talk about the features that are good and which some players might enjoy. This is a step up from the partisan 'journalists' who gave scores of 3 and 4 out of 10 because Jeff is not reviewing with an agenda to punish Sony for the New York review event. He is just sharing his experience, bad and good, and trys to help readers make an informed decision.

Game-ur1797d ago

The SP is dragging the score down for this game, but MP is constantly praised, to bad it couldn't nail both but it's great wher it counts.

saber000051797d ago

See to me, I thought it was the Single Player that helped make the game. But what do I know... First Console game I've played in years.... (to say the least). I'm a PC gamer.. I thought the story was well created and played very nicely. At the least, I would rate it a 8 or a 9 out of 10.

Thomaticus1797d ago

Killzone single player is good. When reviewers criticize stories they should offer an alternative story. I like the story so far. I have no complaints thus far.

OrangePowerz1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Can't be worse than the horrible BF4 campaign. Oddly enough reviewers decided to not deduct too much for that.

I enjoyed the KZ2 and 3 singleplayer, it was entertaining.

Dude4201796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I don't disagree about the argument on the BF4 campaign. However, BF4 has A LOT more to offer than Killzone's MP. BF4 is first and foremost a MP game, the series always has been. Killzone had more emphasis on SP at first, but then they started focusing more on MP.

Two different games set out to complete different goals, which is probably why KZ is getting lower scores.

OrangePowerz1796d ago

I think you are underrating KZ MP a bit, I don`t know for Shadow Fall since I still have to wait till next week for the release here in the UK, but KZ2 had a first class MP mode and the MP of KZ3 was good as well.

ruefrak1797d ago

I love that the PS4 has built in streaming. No need for reviews to help make a decision. Just fire up the app on the PS4 and watch somebody else play it for awhile and I can make up my own mind. It's brilliant.

Pintheshadows1797d ago

I've been on Twitch watching people play it and Knack and their opinions are so much better to hear. They answer questions directly and they are honest.

ruefrak1797d ago

In a sense, Adam Sessler was right. His career is doomed because of this feature. Something that was once only the realm of the techno-gamer is now something easily accessible to all. Everyone is a streamer now, and I think it's going to change things big time.
And when I first heard about it in February, I thought it was stupid. Now that I see it in action, I'm in awe over it.

darksky1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I'm pretty sure no one cares what these reviewers say. If reviews say its a bad game should all those who pre-ordered the game send it back?

For true feedback ask all those who pre-ordered KZ:SF, COD and Battlefield 4 what they think of the games, not these half-arsed reviewers who play the game for a few hours because they have to as part of their job.

SonyStyled1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

i disagree. im sure theres a few thousand that cancelled there shadow fall pre-orders based of the average reviews. ive never really payed attention to the journalist reviews. i always pay attention to the user review scores once its been out and about for a week or so

Drekken1797d ago

Anyone who canceled preorders based on reviews is missing out on a great experience. KZ is beautiful and the MP is addicting.

svoulis1797d ago

I don't understand why people hate on the single player.

In Call of duty, its mindless shooting from point A to point B, with set pieces of good action

In BF4 its mindless shooting from point A to point B, with action set pieces and explosions etc.

In Killzone SF, its not mindless shooting, you have to think about it, Enemies are ridiculously on point and hard. There are tactical options around you, including Rambo style, Stealth, or you could just be a silent killer, so long as you don't get caught.

A lot of reviewers say the game has pacing issues, but I think that's completely up to how you play it. I noticed myself playing this after COD ghost campaign and I kept trying to run into the fray only to die multiple times.
Then I started to use my brain...Got my OWL out..used the zip-line took out 3 snipers silently, picked up one of their rifles, took out the 2 guards in front of the objective, zip-lined again to another vantage point and continued on.

That was the moment I realized I love Killzone.

Pintheshadows1797d ago

I was really bothered watching Angry Joe play it for his review.

I normally like him but if that is how he plays a game to review it then I am very wary. Not only was he playing it badly (laughably) he missed half the story by paying no attention and reading comments then he complained he had no idea what was going on. He also missed most of the tutorials regarding different ways to play and just played it like CoD and complained when it got too hard. He'd rush straight into the Helghast, not use the OWL effectively and then complain about it being too hard or too cheap.

svoulis1797d ago

Yea people don't like taking their time anymore. If its not corridor non stop action, then its too slow. If its nothing but mindless AI shooting at you and missing its a 8.5 (most Ghost reviews)

If it is in fact a tactically well thought out game, that punishes you for not being smart about how you proceed. It gets mixed reviews.

I guess that means SOME people get it.

Add me on PSN maybe we'll play MP sometime

GravemakerLP -PSN

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