Ubisoft Expects PS4 and Xbox One to Have Double the Install Base of Past Consoles

"Marketing boss says pent up demand will lead to rapid sales of the PS4 and Xbox One."

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wantedboys1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

thats why u delayed watch dogs so u can have double the money

kazuma9991821d ago

Already used about 300-400 gb just from the downloads/ updates like warframe contrast resogun dc universe and blacklight retribution -_- I recommend getting a bigger hd before doing all of this.

andrewsqual1821d ago

Yeah Xbox One, double the base of the original Xbox maybe.

theWB271821d ago

So you think the X1 will maybe sell 48 million?

1821d ago
mi_titan271821d ago

xbox 1 will never sell as many consoles as xbox 360, for the simple many people bought more than 1 xbox 360 because the first one died from RROD and had too much vested in games and software to not buy another 1. Well it happened to me twice, so i believe it will never sell as many.

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