Nintendo did some great PR over the weekend

GameZone's Lance Liebl writes, "Franc, on behalf of Nintendo, got our kids interacting with a Nintendo party game on a console that needs buyers. Because of what he was doing there, kids and parents were becoming aware of the Wii U, the NEW Nintendo console, that does things the Wii can't. The best thing Nintendo can do is get the Wii U in consumers hands. That's exactly what happened."

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Ketzicorn1821d ago

Nintendo would be smart to start working with the school systems to see if they can get in and have some fun events for the kids and show off the Wii U there.

SilentNegotiator1821d ago

Sounds like a good use of taxes and time. Consider the weak school systems of the modern world cured!


rustyspoon801821d ago

So after all the testing with the Wii U that the guys mate did, he still bought a Wii instead.
Doesn't sound like the Nintendo rep did his job well at all.


He did it perfectly. You see in the grand scheme it doesn't matter of he bought one. But he left a lasting impact about wii u and nintendo on him

Neonridr1821d ago

The guy had already purchased the Wii for his kids prior to his visit. So you can't put any fault there. But what the rep did is clearly explain the differences between the two machines and inform the customer that everything for the Wii will work for the Wii U.

Sounds like this rep did a fantastic job, hence the point to this whole article.

mcstorm1821d ago

I think the WiiU is a very under rated console. Yes it was lacking games at the start but so far I now own MarioU, Lego City, Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World, Wii Play U, Wondeful101, Windwaker so far as exclusives and I have to say im enjoying them all. Its been a nice change from all the shooting games I played last gen on the 360 and PS3. Looking forward to getting my xbox one on Friday for Forza and KI but more looking forward to Mario World 3D, Super Smash bros and Mario Kart 8.

I hope Nintendo start to push the WiiU as it now has the games to go up against the other 2 big boys and I want all 3 to do well again this gen as its better for us gamers in the long run.

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