Backlash to Mass Effect 4 tease show just how pessimistic and negative gamers really are

GameZone's Jake Valentine writes, "It’s one thing to show your outrage with crappy policies, i.e. a game’s ending being DLC (Asura’s Wrath), developers putting in paywalls in order to pass a level (Candy Crush Saga), and the pay-to-win factor in a free-to-play game. It’s entirely separate thing to cry out the doom and gloom of a game that you haven’t played yet, never mind a game that has only shown off teases of concept art."

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MegaSackman1848d ago

I agree.

I can't wait for another Mass Effect, the whole trilogy was a blast!!

AndrewLB1848d ago

The last 30 minutes completely destroyed the series in the eyes of millions of formerly die-hard fans. I still can't believe Casey Hudson in order to make the Q1 deadline to boost EA's stock price, sent the writers home and finished the ending with just a handful of peple, and with ZERO regard to the countless decisions we made over 3 games.

MegaSackman1847d ago

Sure, the last 30' were horrible, even with the patch, but i can't see how that could destroy more than 200hs of adventure.

Mass Effect 3 is amazing for me, it just has a bad ending.

Godmars2901848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

How about all this effort to stir up/check for interest in the game in the wake of all the controversy surrounding ME3 is not giving gamers a good vibe. Even after revising the ending, which in part held a few "FUs" to critics, Bioware still held to their artistic vision defense. Didn't understand what they did wrong and why they had to fix it. Now they're fishing around for ideas and reaction to continue a series which should have been concluded.

ThePope1848d ago

Bioware is an incredible developer, and Mass Effect is the best trilogy of the last gen. Haters will hate, and Biware will sell MILLIONS!

gillri1848d ago

dont know why your getting disagrees, ME is the best gaming trilogy ever!

awi59511848d ago

Once the witcher 3 comes out its over for the mass effect trilogy the witcher games destroy them in all ways.

N7KIRK1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )


Yeah, because when we import saves from the Witcher, WE GET A REFERENCE AND A BONUS PATH. Missed the point, much.

pandehz1848d ago

Yep it is the greatest gaming trilogy.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing all of them and there was nothing like it in our generation of gaming.

SaturdayNightBeaver1848d ago

I dont know why some nerds hate ME3 , i loved it as i loved 1 and 2.

ATiElite1848d ago

OK please name a Better trilogy than Mass Effect instead of just disagreeing.

I prefer the STALKER TRILOGY but that is just my opinion.

so can anyone else name a Better Trilogy during the PS3/x360 Gen?

webeblazing1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )


and now he rephrases

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N7KIRK1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

If you don't like it, just don't buy it. I'd doubt the raging "fans" are hardly the "fans" Bioware would want supporting them anyway.

Saika1848d ago

A while ago, Bioware mentioned their view on the hate they received after the ME3 ending, and it made total sense. They say that people wouldn't rage about it if they didn't love the product as a whole. If they didn't like the game to begin with, they wouldn't be so outraged about everything they do with the series.

N7KIRK1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

That sounds like some tidy PR on their part. Any human can put themselves in their shoes. How would you like it if your "fans" acted this way towards what you worked hard on for so long? Aside from that, a good 50% of those loving "fans" didn't import Shepards made in ME1. So, 50% of these "fans" never even experienced the entire trilogy, and then went on to berate it? ME was by far the best trilogy of any franchise last-gen. Nothing like it has done before, nothing like it has been done since.

AndrewLB1848d ago

N7KIRK- A good friend of mine works for Bioware and most of the developers were equally pi$$ed off at the way Casey Hudson sent the writers home and finished the last portion of the game with litte to no regard for all the hard work dedicated fans put in over the 3 game series. The idiot had the audacity to tell us in an interview that they would never do o some "a, b, or c" ending, rather it would directly be influenced by every choice you made.

And what happened? IN order to pad EA's quarterly earnings, they basically told everyone to forget all those choices you made becuase they don't matter .

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