Edge- Dead Rising 3 Review

Edge:For all its innovation, Dead Rising 3’s bosses – both the mandatory storyline encounters and the Psycho missions – remain a frustrating low point. Even with your new-found abilities, boss fights feel awkward and unfair. Controls that work well when navigating through the lumbering undead come unstuck against more agile foes, or even track-mounted robotic arms, as one particularly hateful and drawn-out encounter proves.

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come_bom1795d ago

Not bad. A 8 from Edge.


byeGollum1795d ago

Considering how strict EDGE are. . That's a very good score. I respect edge for that, as everyone else abuse the rating system. Now, the mentality is, if it's not a 9 it must be an OK game.

StraightPath1795d ago

fanboys slowly getting jealous ;) 81% metacritic so far not bad at all. rather then knack and killzone

thetorontokid1795d ago

It'll end up at around 70-75%, which is a good score. Well worth playing!

dedicatedtogamers1795d ago

Oh, so Metacritic matters all over again?

LOL. Back to the days of 2008...

iamnsuperman1795d ago

I think you spoke to soon. Anyway get your head out of Metacritic. That site does more harm than good (there criteria is inconsistent at times)

1795d ago
lifeisgamesok1795d ago

X marks the spot. I'm going to enjoy the challenge in nightmare difficulty. It hasn't been shown yet

TheDarpaChief1795d ago

Hope you guys enjoy the xbox. Sorry you have to wait though...I know the feeling lol

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The story is too old to be commented.