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Crimson Dragon is an on-rails shooter that revives the cherished Panzer Dragoon series under a new name, fitted with light RPG elements and a dash of asynchronous co-op. Unfortunately, these added systems don’t make a meaningful impact on the game at large, and the genre’s focused action is perverted by wildly concocted paths that send you and the camera into a tizzy.

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Septic1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Ooh ouch! The visuals don't cut it at all. Disappointing.

Convas1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Not disappointed in the least. T'was a 360 game ported to Xbox One. Had fun playing at the Area One tour, will buy :D

Edit: LOL @ the disagrees. Guess I didn't have fun. Darn.

Game-ur1794d ago

You can enjoy it like others enjoy Knack, people who make their own judgment are the best.

XB1_PS41794d ago

I think you have to know what Panzer Dragoon is to like this game. Looks like a suitable homage to that game, and I plan on buying/enjoying it!

And to the people that will inevitably disagree. Do you care about the scores of Knack? Or are you going to play it regardless..

SilentNegotiator1794d ago

The worst part is the camera. Something is always being forced close to the camera and it never holds still.

Imagine if Star Fox played like that! It would cause more nausea than an Arwing stuck doing barrel rolls.

obliteratorFTW1794d ago

Lol. Kz was bashed for scoring 5, I expect the same for this.

SilentNegotiator1794d ago

A lot of Xbox One games are scoring ~7 average and Ryse hasn't even had its embargo lifted yet. The fact is, neither Xbox or PS4 have stellar launch lineups.

Ripsta7th1794d ago

Haha u compare a digital title(arcade) vs a AAA game

Dread1794d ago

This sux

I was really looking forward for this game.

XB1_PS41794d ago

Well get it.. You let the opinion of someone else influence you that much. If there is a demo, try it out; and then, if you like it, buy it! Don't let other people decide what you want.

Dread1794d ago

dude I have my own judgment. But I read the review and it is disappointing.

I think a 5 from IGN is very low. So even If the game is my cup of tea, it is obvious that it is not as good as I had hoped.

But, I assure you I will play it, not so sure if I will buy it thought.

happy gaming.

Dehnus1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Ofcourse they give it a 5. It is a classic style game without teabagging, acting like an arsehole and a bit of a creative thing added for old school on rails fans.

Where it Halo 17 or Call of Duty :"ma Bro's gold fish died, Frathouse Warfare 69" than it would have gotten atleast a 7.

As we all know visuals and spec sheet comparisons while shouting how gregorious someone's mom is and how much they like to play doctor with their own sex.

CEOSteveBallmer1794d ago

Xbots bashing killzone for having 7/10 and yet praise Dead rising 3 for also having a 7/10 average from gaming sites. and now they still can say positive points about crimson dragon even with 5/10. Really wow

MRMagoo1231794d ago

Who didnt predict the xbone fanboys opinions on what a good score is would change when this happened, wait till Ryse gets some average scores. I spent time in the forums the other day saying 5 is an average game you may like you my not, but the xbone fanboys where trolling up the place, now the xbone launch games are doing just as good/bad depending on individual opinion they think that 5 is good again.

I feel still that scores should not be added to any reviews what so ever, the review should be description of the game then personal experience then pros and cons then if you liked this game you will like this other game, it would stop a lot of the fanboy arguments imo. I still am in firm belief that 5 is average and not a bad score.