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Sometimes, art imitates art. Take LocoCycle, a QTE-addled blaster and brawler inspired, allegedly, by a viewing of the horrid motorbike action movie Torque ("A peculiarly slow kind of torture"

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ExDexteraDomini1795d ago

This game looked especially bad from the beginning. I'd have been shocked if it had gotten reviews any better than what it seems to be getting.

come_bom1795d ago

I really liked the Splosion man series by these guys, but this game looked bad from the beginning.

Septic1795d ago

Yeah this is the first X1 game I had the 'pleasure' of playing and it just seemed boring and uninspiring. More fitting for a mobile game than a console game, let alone a next-gen game.

Stick891795d ago

OMG they actually released this game? I remember when they announced it I was thinking for sure it was going to get canned. Seriously anyone buying an Xbone go get Forza or DR3, this game is a joke.

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