Xbox One needs to Pack 330% 'Xbox 360 First Month Sales' in One Day to match the PS4 Day One Sales

The PS4 Packed 500% 'First Month (PS3) Sales' on Day One to achieve a record breaking total of One Million. If Xbox One is to play catch up then it needs to up its game by a relatively easy 330%. If it matches the PS4 Sales Rate however results will be phenomenal.

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shivvy241797d ago

Unlike Sony's NA launch, x1 is launching in NA and EU so they should be able to do 1 million

finbars751797d ago

Highly unlikely when the numbers stated that PS4 was still out pre ordering Xboxone by 3:1 ratio. They wont hit that mark at all even with EU involved. They should show the numbers after black fiday then it will tell the truth.

solidt121797d ago

Since the 360 is the #1 console in North America as far as sells, they should have no problems reaching 1 Million, but I think they won't because of the price difference. It will be interesting to see if there old 360 crowd will by in or if they are all buying PS4's.

iamnsuperman1797d ago

In theory a million in one day should be easy when it is releasing in 13 countries. I would be surprised if it doesn't

Volkama1797d ago

Rather depends how many they have managed to manufacture.

BitbyDeath1796d ago

If MS don't release the number then expect it to be around 500,000 or lower.

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medman1797d ago

If by good luck you mean horrible and rotten luck, I agree. Good luck to Microsoft.

SL1M DADDY1797d ago

PS3 was 200 bucks more than the PS4 and sold considerable slower that the PS4. Now, the Xbox One is more expensive than the 360 and they think they will sell more and faster than the 360 did? Even without the reputation MS has with faulty hardware I doubt that it will happen. They might get lucky and sell 200% more but I doubt even that.

eezo1797d ago

bit difficult but achievable......

codelyoko1797d ago

Difficult? Tell that to Sony who upped their game by 500% lol :P

Mike134nl1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Depends on how many they have produced. Previous launches have shown that consoles tend to get sold out at their launch dates.

ThatIrishGamer1797d ago

XBOX One is a worldwide launch so it should be able to shift a million.

PS4 was North America only!

codelyoko1797d ago

Yup 21 Markets at once if i am not mistaken :P It should aim to beat 2 Million at least imo lol

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

It was 23 and now its 13 if i remember correctly.

MWong1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

@ aaronon & codelyoko
The 1M in 24's for the PS4 was only for their North American initial release. Here is the release schedule for both the PS4 & XBO.

PlayStation 4 Release Dates
NA – November 15, 2013
EURO – November 29, 2013
AUST – November 29, 2013
BRAZ – November 29, 2013
SAUD AR – December 13, 2013
HNG KNG – December 17, 2013
TIWAN – December 18, 2013
SG – December 19, 2013
KOR, MALY, SEA, SOUTH AFR, IND – December 2013
JAP – February 22, 2014

Xbox One Release Dates

NA – November 22, 2013
EU – November 22, 2013/2014 - not all of Europe
AU – November 22, 2013
BR – November 22, 2013
JP – TBA, 2014

Sony has 14 markets versus M$ 4 markets, might be hard to catch up.

T21796d ago

Agreed but this is an understatement . They wont catch up ... Presales were indeed fairly accurate

FITgamer1797d ago

They won't do that bad, last i remember they had like 600,000 pre-orders in the US. If they can't manage 400,000 across the other 12 countries that would be sad.

ricochetmg1796d ago

I'm thinking about getting one.

user74029311797d ago

if microsoft can sell as much xbox one's in a month as sony did ps4's in one day it will be amazing.

Belking1797d ago

Nah, they dont need to do anything but launch it without the problems sony is having right now with ps4. They will do better than the 360 for sure.

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

Lol good luck with that.Every electronix is gonna have faulty units and problems when theyre barelt launched.

Funantic11797d ago

Exactly. You stole the words out my mouth.

Z_-_D_-_31797d ago

I can bet a million dollars the Xbone will have as many problems if not more at launch.

codelyoko1797d ago

Seeing they are launching in more than one market. Theoretically they dont even need to do anything special to match the one mil figure.

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