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Grab a Ferrari 458 Italia and hit up Need for Speed: Rivals' Redview County and you can find yourself in a pretty decent approximation of what a contemporary, open-world OutRun would look like.

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come_bom1797d ago

Game is getting good reviews.

Dragonborn3121797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Did not really know about this until recently. I might check it out.

Chuk51797d ago

I'll probably just get this for christmas. I loved burnout paradise, and with driveclub delayed I got no driving games.

likeaboss3021797d ago

As it should because it's a lot of fun.

AlexFili1797d ago

Shame it's not on Wii U. Seems like it's the highest scoring multiplatform game this month (besides Assassins Creed IV)

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