Putting PS4’s Million Sales in Perspective

Sony shared the news over the weekend that in the space of 24 hours, over a million PS4s were sold in North America, putting Sony well on track for the most successful games console launch in recent history, if not all time. Comparing it to other console launches reveals that the games industry is playing in a whole new league now than it was at the dawn of the last console generation. It’s greatly encouraging news – and not just for Sony.

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TheLyonKing1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It is a great achievement by Sony and right now I am jealous of all the Americans getting to play their ps4's while I sit in scotland not playing Resogun and Killzone :(

Hopefully supply will keep up with demand throughout the holidays and Sony's first party studios churn out their heavy hitters that have been revealed.

allformats1823d ago

The perspective is simple enough. No other console has achieved such a feat in one region.

Literally all major news networks at talking about it.

Massive numbers by Sony.

dedicatedtogamers1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It will be very interesting to see what happens when XBox One launches.

Truthfully, 1 million sales in 24 hours is impressive, but not too big of a deal. The first month of sales are the "easy" sales. Those are the people who were going to buy the system anyway.

I'm keeping an internal tally of which sites downplay this, which users downplay or praise this. "Eat Crow Day" is in a week when XBox One launches. Will sales still matter then? For those saying "this doesn't matter", will they say the same thing if Xbox One breaks 2 million sold in 24 hours? For those praising the sales like it's the Second Coming, will they praise the Xbox One if it sells more in 24 hours?

True colors will be revealed.

EDIT @ below

Why is it ignorant? I said it is impressive, just not a huge deal. Wii-U is DOA so it's not like PS4 sales will be affected by it, and XBox One isn't out yet. I also believe that PS4 will eat at least 30% of the 360's fanbase (for the record, 360 ate 30% of the PS2's fanbase, so it's not a huge leap to say that).

So, 1 million the first day? Impressive, but long-term sales are what matter.

TheLyonKing1823d ago

1 million is the biggest day one console launch in history saying that is not a big deal is being ignorant.

NewAgeisHere1823d ago

Obviously you feel threatened as an xbox fan which I can understand......and it's about to get even better for Sony when it hits can add another million in 24hrs of ps4 launching in Europe (as long as they can produce enough).

Malice-Flare1823d ago

well, i'd be impressed if MS had 2m units on-hand for their launch...

BABYLEG1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I agree. Although I am an Xbox guy. Reason being that I dont have time to play other systems and I need one thing to do it all. There's a lot of Americans like myself. Ps4 is only capturing a portion of the gamer crowd. Microsoft intend to capture both audiences and I don't blame them. In 6 months when people decide what system to buy, and how each system handles under intense scrutiny, I think MS is in a good position. With the dash and launch games, I'm hyped. Kinect hasn't even really peaked its head yet, but when it does... The pseye wont be able to mimic it.

I already cant yell when playing dead rising or curse when playing 2k or I get a technical... This is advance stuff guys

the only people who hate these features are people who cant use it.

to the guy below me.. Dont try to differentiate sales now. Sony launched in 35 countries. I bet the US was the only with internet connection. Sony should've followed the same strategy but they couldn't handle the login on a wider scale

OrangePowerz1823d ago

The Xbone sales need to be taken by region than because they launch Europe and North America at the same time unlike the PS4 North America only.

OrangePowerz1822d ago

@ Babyleg

The PS4 launched only in North America, the European launch is on the 29th.

I could use the features of the Xbone as I have a Sky box and so on, but I DO NOT care about such features in a GAMING console. I don`t want to talk to my console and I don`t want to buy a gaming console that is gimped hardware resources wise because of media features.

InTheLab1822d ago

2M day one sales? That's beyond the reach of MS as they don't even have that many units available..


The problem with the market MS is going after with the X1 is the $500 elephant in the room. Casuals are not going out to spend $500 for more Kinect and TV. Casuals are cheap and fair weather fans. MS are fools for packing in all that entertainment crap instead of focusing on what made Xbox successful over the last 8 years..

Hicken1822d ago

Dedicated's no Xbox fan, I can tell you all that much.

But I disagree with the 1 million in a day not being a huge deal. It's huge if only because no other console has ever done that, and the PS4 has managed amid all the cries of mobile gaming destroying everything. The first month of sales are the "easy" sales, but even so, 1 million in 24 hours is not.

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indysurfn1822d ago

Cheer up! You can look on the bright side of things, you have all those sexy body Scottish women!
Oh wait you already had those anyway. Carry on!

TheLyonKing1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I do not follow you? Haha
Do I know you and hae I told you of my escapades???

allformats1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Great job by Sony, and big ups to gamers who bought the machine.

CocoWolfie1823d ago

all I can say is 1 million in NA alone, think of Japan, even Europe, they did good.

moparful991822d ago

It's crazy to think the last time Sony reported any kind of pre order numbers they said they had a little over 1 million worldwide.

Now sitting here knowing they sold over a million in NA alone boggles my mind.. How many more will they sell at the european/asian launches?

Sony is off to a hot start.. Guess the challenges that plagued the PS3 launch are a distant memory now. Can't wait to see what games we're getting on PS4.

indysurfn1822d ago

You made me think of the xboxone price gouging that will take place in Europe, beyond the conversion rate. Not only is the PS4 sitting with higher specs, more major publisher support. Less sub 1080P games, More Indie support (which will turn major in a few years)!

But Xbox360 loyalist (like I was pre reveal) will have to think about paying MORE than the extra US equivalent $100. I think for some in the US $100 more is a stopping point. So way more than that and KNOWNING that your paying more after currency conversion will make a many people see the over the top greed, and get a PS4 instead of their favorite Microsoft brand.

Neonridr1823d ago

The numbers are impressive, but when you compare it to 6-7 years ago, there amount of people gaming is going up.

Regardless, it's a good sign to see that many consoles moved.

indysurfn1822d ago

@Neonridr, That's not a good way to minimize the accomplishment of the PS4's sales, you know why?

It goes both ways, to the point:
"Because compared it to 6-7 years ago the number of gamers available to buy the XBONEONE is going up tooooooo." See how that works? By your logic xboneone should sell 1 million in the US in 24 hours
Do you actually expect that to happen?

Here is another reason the previous 24 hour sales record was 225,000 that's only 25%, or 1/4, or a quarter of a dollars worth. Of what PS4 sold in one country!

Also remember this is the MAIN country that Microsoft outsold Sony in but they will be behind on day one(Nov 23 about 7am when they get into the office and see the reports).

Most major publishers support the launch, but will decide who they will support the most based on initial sales, and projections. And both sales and projections have been in Sony's favor since early in the year.

Neonridr1822d ago

okay, so how does you trying to put down MS have any merit to my comment at all? I could care less about how many XB1's sell when they launch, but I bet they will sell more than 225,000 (the previous record you mentioned).

I merely suggested there are more gamers nowadays thus there will be more consoles sold. Just like when the PS5 or next Xbox rolls around I bet they sell more consoles than their predecessors.

Chuk51823d ago

My mom and her friend, who have the loosest grasp of games were just talking to me about it. I don't know if Sony can keep this momentum going into feburary march and the rest of the dry months after launch, but 1 million in a day, in a single territory is a staggering feet.

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