Exclusive Games, Not Price, Determine Which Next-Gen Console Consumers Buy

"Price matters, but consumers are looking to buy the console with the best games."

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Chaostar1848d ago

Best games is mostly subjective, best price is mostly objective


dedicatedtogamers1848d ago

Yep. It took PS3 YEARS to catch up to 360 on the philosophy that exclusives would erase any consideration for price.

And when you take into account the fact that a lot of people buy a console just to play a few franchises (like CoD or FIFA or whatever) that arguement goes out the window.

Do exclusives matter? Of course! But they rarely matter more than price, especially in this current economy

The_KELRaTH1848d ago

If anything I'd prefer not to see exclusive games so we can pick the hardware that just suits us best - much like buying TV's, HiFi, DVD/Blu-Ray players.

Of all the console generations the PS4 and X1 should have been offering cross multiplayer gaming as overall their so similar - and that would have been better for all of us.

sonarus1848d ago

Exactly. With sky rocketing development costs, vast majority of games are now multiplatform. The best selling games have usually been multiplatform so i would say price probably weighs in more than it used to. Not to say exclusive games won't help move anyone over the fence. Truth is both consoles are a bit far from a system seller exclusive anyway

kwiksilver991848d ago

price matters to those who know the value of money.
for those who dont care about price or are new to the gen- marketing will be deciding factor.
its a good thing sony released ahead of the xbox in the u.s at the very least.

TheLyonKing1848d ago

I think both run parallel together.

At the start of a generation I do look at launch line up and price, usually there is the one stand out first party game for me Killzone on the ps4 and then the third party games to tide me over until more games come out.
You have to look at both and make an informed decision.

During the later half of console generations it is all about the games as price will fall.

Dragonborn3121848d ago

I decided to get the system that has the games that I think I will enjoy the most, and that is the Xbox One. Games like Dead RIsing 3, Ryse, Forza 5, KI, Halo, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, D4, etc... look to be a lot of fun. The 100 dollar price difference is not a big deal for me, especially with the inclusion of Kinect, which I actually find pretty cool. To each their own.

Bolts-N-Rays11091848d ago

Look at those disagrees, just cause you like the XB1 games. Sad fanboys.

Captain Qwark 91848d ago

i agree to an extent. X1 has more games i want right now, pretty much everyone you named while the ps4 has a solid but slightly smaller list for me. despite me wanting more x1 games though, i have decided on ps4 simply because the games i want the most are rpgs and i know that in a year or 2, ps4 will have more of those.

eventually though, i will have both so its irrelevant to a point. i always get them all. i just pick one as a main, and use the other for exclusives. 360 was my main last gen, ps4 is this gen.

medman1848d ago

Dragonborn312, I respect your choice but think you are woefully uneducated on the stellar exclusives Sony has been releasing the last several years and will continue to bring for the PS4. And as the owner of a 360 and PS3, I can say that in all honesty the exclusives "race" between the two is not a race at all, it's a slaughter. Sony has the better exclusives by far. It's not close. Enjoy your xbone and it's exclusives, I'll probably buy one eventually when they drop the price. But just know you've missed out on many of the best games of the generation with the PS3, and will continue to miss out on those type games for the PS4. That is not in dispute.

Bolts-N-Rays11091848d ago

I agree. It'll be Titanfall that makes me get an XB1 and it will be probably The Order that makes me get a PS4.

kwiksilver991848d ago

out of all the games announced for the ps4,im most intrigued by the order.something about the whole setting that appeals to me.hope it turns out great.always room for a great new i.p

Duke191848d ago

Really hoping that by the second wave of games (Titanfall, Halo, etc) there will be a price drop on the Xbox One.

Almost $600 to buy a console and one game is too much at the moment imo.

medman1848d ago

Duke19, you're asking alot for the Xbone to drop in price by next spring. That would anger Microsoft's loyal customers who picked up a launch unit. It would also be Microsoft admitting they aren't competitive with PS4 and be seen as desperation dropping the price so soon. You're also forgetting Microsoft probably paid Respawn a whole lot of cash to keep that game exclusive, so why would they drop the price before that game launches? Microsoft is praying that game moves the console at 500. Microsoft is praying gamers are so desperate to play it (if they don't pc game) they'll pony up the 500. Personally, I have zero interest in a multiplayer only game, but many others do. That is Microsoft's bet. Time will tell if it pays dividends. I prefer Sony's approach of nurturing indies and encouraging risk taking from their first party devs to release unique and interesting titles, rather than paying for timed dlc or paying some third party for exclusivity. That's not Microsoft moving forward and showing improvement from the 360 gen to me. It's more of the same. Which probably means much like this gen Sony will have more of the phenomenal first party games while Microsoft will continue to have to pay up to third parties to remain competitive.

kwiksilver991848d ago

well,the best time would be the end of the year for such a purpose.
if there's one thing to ease people's anxiety of departing with money its a credit card:).

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