Why won’t Sega Play Nice with the West?

Sega has been releasing a lot of really great online content lately. Oh what, you didn’t know? Yeah, Phantasy Online 2 and a slew of other online based games using the free to play model are out and you likely had no idea. Why? Because Sega doesn’t seem to care about the huge western market, despite the fact that the large number of potential players who have been religiously following all of these games are asking for a localization.

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TheLyonKing1797d ago

It's the Japanese mentality its the same with campcom too.

It really comes down to if you want to play it you better just import it.

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SegaGamer1797d ago

Sega hate us, it's sad and pathetic. They make up lies like "our games wouldn't do well in the west so there is no point releasing them there" what a load of bull. Your games have a massive fan base Sega, you always have and you know it.