Metal Gear Solid V will reward you for not using Reflex Mode (Bullet Time)

After announcing that the slow motion mechanic introduced in Metal Gear Solid V, called Reflex Mode, will be optional, Kojima Productions also added that although they feel the feature will make sense when you try it for yourself, players will also be rewarded for clearing missions without it.

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TheLyonKing1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Good good, I wasn't planning on using it when I saw the 12 minutes demo.
I would rather die in the game old school style than to slow things down and get away safely.

I am really excited for this game.

Nyxus1847d ago

I'm going to try it with the feature on, but it's a good thing they made it optional, so everyone is happy.

Nyxus1847d ago

It says so in the article:

'Having said that, the staff does feel the feature was necessary. In previous Metal Gear games that world was hand crafted to give the player a certain experience, and they knew exactly where each enemy was placed on the map, and what direction the player would be facing. But the open world changes all this, and enemies can spot you from any angle. It can get frustrating, because you can get spotted from any angle, and there won’t always be cover to hide behind.'

andjudunno1847d ago

I don't NEED it, but I'm gonna use it just cause anything in slow mo looks cool