FIFA 14 PS4 & Xbox One - Living Worlds

FIFPlay: FIFA 14 Next-Gen (PS4 & Xbox One) Living Worlds - Producer Series video.

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mcstorm1799d ago

Looks interesting. Ive played Fifa 14 on the PS3 and liked the way it played but seems im getting a day one xbox one I get this game for free so looking forward to giving it a go.

1nsomniac1799d ago

2 weeks & Ill be receiving my PS4 with FIFA 14 & BF4, the closer it gets the harder it gets.

Robinkb1799d ago

Looking forward to it. Was hoping for a PES next gen to compare but we'll wait a year for that. Funny thing to see btw, how EA turned into an xbox company/partner; notice how they put the Xbox-One version full in front of the ps4 version, and with a reason that is...

hello121799d ago

fifa 14 on xb1, has fifa legends a win for Microsoft there.