This Isn’t Why I Became A Part of the Australian Gaming Industry

OXCGN writes: If it weren't’t for a select few individuals within the gaming industry in Australia, I wouldn't have any part what so ever with those that are involved. To clear the air straight away, I don’t have personal grudges with many folk, male and/or female, and I don’t dislike various outlets for petty reasons.

If I have any quarrel with an outlet there’s valid reasons behind it. Yes, I used to rant on Twitter about Kotaku a lot, there’s actually plenty of people I do and don’t know that rant as well. The Kotaku comment section speaks for itself and that’s on a more broader scope.

Due to the fact that they need to produce content on such a regular basis (Which is outrageous) half the time you’ll find stories that are completely irrelevant and if that there have been a slew of articles that have made no sense to which i even wrote a counter article.

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GadgetGooch1794d ago

The title makes no sense....

RocknRolla1794d ago

I believe the title means that the person who wrote that piece didn't become a part of the Australian gaming media for the various reasons he states.

Such as jealousy, a lot of bitching and favourites.

Siete771794d ago

Well it certainly wasn't for your spot on self editing skills