New DriveClub – Scotland “OHMYGODRAYS” Gameplay

Take a peak at another DriveClub gameplay video.

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Thatguy-3101799d ago

The Lighting!!! Not really a racing type but the more I see this game the more curious I am to play it. Simply looks amazing

FamilyGuy1799d ago

That is so bad ass, seeing the light shoot through the leaves of the trees and the realistic shadows being cast into to car on the dash board.

This game defines next gen for me because no game on PS3/360 ever looked like this. It's level of detail is something I've literally never seen on a console game.

I get more excited with every clip, the full track video is gonna be insane.

nix1799d ago

as much as i love these videos.. the 15 seconders are beginning to piss me off... i wanna see moar! /:

thereapersson1799d ago

Nix, Evolution is planning on uploading longer videos and also full race footage with the maximum number of players. They are currently on "full steam ahead" mode regarding development so they can't really devote resources to constantly releasing long, encoded game footage. They will soon deliver, just be patient my son. :)

Septic1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Wow man, this does not look like the game I played at Gamescom.

The lighting looks a lot more impressive than Forza's I have to say. We need to see more than 15 second gameplay clips though.

Lets hope this game turns out great so I can rock my DriveClub keyring with pride!

Evil_Abed1799d ago

Oooh! The lighting! The moving clouds! Next gen! /s
Show me close to real life car physics, show me actual racing AI, show me 60fps. Then and only then will I consider this a next gen racer.

Not going to spend my time looking at clouds and moving light, the ever heck that means. I want real car physics, what is the point of an M3 that doesn't drive like an M3? I want smooth buttery gameplay down first, everything else is a bonus. Bonus without the basics is hubris.

amiga-man1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

If you want real car physics there is non better than Gran Turismo at least on console, and GT6 is looking every bit as good as Forza despite being on the PS3, god knows what Polyphony will do with the PS4 the mind boggles.

To me Drive Club compares very well with Forza and looks more amazing every time I see it the graphics really draw you into the game, cant wait!!!

ProjectVulcan1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

What use is real to life physics and 60FPS if you are driving on a track that simulates nothing of the real world?

In short, having a 'world simulation' of weather and time of day/circuit variances affects the realism of a driving game every bit as much as car physics do.

You want a balance, Driveclub is next gen because it also simulates environment changes which affects the racing better than any racing game I have ever seen before.....

Everybody has seen racers with baked circuits before that never, ever change and never give you a new experience when you race on them a thousand times over.

But there are much fewer racers that really do change dramatically depending on the conditions of the environment, especially one as accurately modelled as this, that IS next gen....

darksky1799d ago

Looks better by the day. Why on earth could they not have shown this kind of track at Gamescom, etc?

60 fps and this will destroy every other next gen racer.

Thatguy-3101799d ago

These small previews actually make me appreciate the delay

Riderz13371799d ago

Maybe because they weren't ready to show it...I mean they had to delay the game so it's obvious they needed more time. I'm glad they decided not to release it though. The game is the best looking next gen racer I've seen so far.

RedSoakedSponge1799d ago

looks like it will give forza a run for its money when its released! which is awesome since i wasnt expecting that tbh.

aaron58291799d ago

This gamr looks better and better everytime...

Sarcasm1799d ago

They made a wise decision to delay this game IMO. Hopefully it will pay off to be a better game overall.

There are a few other titles that could have used just a bit more time to iron out the kinks, IE: Dead Rising 3 and COD Goats

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