[South African] Indie, Stasis, gets a Kickstarter

South African indie game developer, Chris Bischoff, has turned to Kickstarter to complete his new game, Stasis. MWEB GameZone contributor and 2Oceans Vibe Radio DJ, Zaid Kriel, interviewed Bischoff about the project.

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DesVader1857d ago

Go SA game development, making waves for the 3rd world. Aside from that, its a really good looking game!!

lord zaid1857d ago

Its even more amazing when you realise that Bischoff has been working on this project solo for the last few years. As a solo effort, worked on part time, the results are astounding.

HanCilliers1857d ago

Love the look and feel of Stasis. Big ups to South Africa!

Sillicur1857d ago

Looking forward to playing it !