Four things you didn't know about Xbox One

Think you know all there is about Microsoft's next-generation video game console? Here are four Xbox One features you might not be aware of.

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kratoz12091795d ago

Meh.. Nobody got time for that!!

GreenRanger1795d ago

Four things everyone knows about Xbox One.

laijka1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

The 4 things "no one knows" are:

1. Controller improved.
2. Can be used to watch TV.
3. Kinect improved.
4. And MS doing a 180 on a lot of the E3 announcements.

Brilliant journalism with a masterpiece of an article.

RiPPn1795d ago

1. sky is blue
2. water is wet
3. ice is cold
4. fire is hot

Pogue19061795d ago

Thats five min of my life that i can never get back. if you visit this site once a month you already knew those things