Infinity Ward Has Been Caught False Advertising Call of Duty: Ghosts

In the following expose' RealGamerNewz Editor-In-Chief Jon Ireson takes apart the truth about Call of Duty: Ghosts and whether or not it will get dedicated servers, on which platforms, and how Infinity Ward has misled the public with false advertising to cushion PS4 sales of Ghosts in light of the truth.

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BoriboyShoGUN1797d ago

The fools are the people that bought the game. It's some bullshit but what would you expect from COD the biggest money grabbers in the business.

Dragonborn3121797d ago

What? I thought all systems were getting dedicated servers, not only Xbox One. I am getting an Xbox One so it is not an issue for me but that sucks for gamers as a whole. That really sucks.

Masterchief_KOK1797d ago

only sony fanboy was hyping the shit up nobody but them

Belking1796d ago

Yea, they thought they were gonna get dedicated servers just because they thought their game was 1080p. This launch will bring some of them back down to earth. Sony has screwed up big time. All MS has to do is not have the same issues and they will come away the winners regardless of how many they sell.

SpinalRemains1381797d ago

This goes beyond fanboy warring.

This is akin to MS DRM stuff.

Essentially it is a corporate monster feeling so entitled that they lie and take from us, the gamers. The ones who keep them in business and successful.

Well, Activision.......Suck my Cock!

JasonKCK1797d ago

Language please! I know you're angry. The other day I saw someone on here who banned for saying a word that starts with a and ends with ss. A bit unfair I know but be careful.

SpinalRemains1381797d ago

I apologize.

I had a 12 pack last night and became enraged when I read the story. The idea that successful companies feel so comfortable in lying to its base is just beyond sickening to me.

The only words I could use to show that were the ones I chose and used.

Its just unacceptable that we are lied to like this and there is no recourse for them. They lie with impunity and nothing happens.

JasonKCK1796d ago

It's all good. I agree and still gave you a bubble. :)

bondsmx1797d ago

Complete and utter BS. This makes MS and activision/IW look like assholes. Luckily for me, I thought this was the worst cod put out , well, ever. I'll stick to BF4, and destiny when it comes out. The new crop of "better" FPS games.

Deltaohio1797d ago

What does MS have to do with this? They just offered free dedicated servers. It was infinity ward that lied to save sales on the playstation side. You honestly think MS planned this just so Sony can get more sales? Lol the hatred is strong with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.