Xboxers Bashing PS4 For Reliability Issues Is Comically Ironic

It appears that a great many Xbox followers are getting a big kick out of the issues facing the PlayStation 4. All those followers must have amnesia.

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allformats1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Red Red of Death you have to say to an Xbox fanboy and they'll HOPEFULLY shut up.

Selective memory much.

aceitman1797d ago

well the article is right , for them to do that and there system isn't even out yet , well we will see how ms x1 will hold out, and truly see if it was rushed out like the 360.

allformats1797d ago

The xbox fanboys can only gripe when the PS4 has over a 30% failure rate.

JokesOnYou1797d ago

Uhm yeah because a few idiots are laughing it's all "Xboxers"? No, and I read the rest with him pulling numbers out of is a**. Still expecting that there won't be a segment of xbox fan boys "laughing" at the hardware failure situation for sony whether it's a small % or a huge issue is unrealistic given all the back and forth nonsense.

shoddy1797d ago

If 0.5% failure rate is bad the how can a system survive a 33% rate

Tito081797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

@JokesOnYou- You're such an example of a XBoxer, let's not get this out of the way, what the guy said it's entirely true, and that was a very known issue for a very long time, and MS knew the issue and released the console at the cost of the consumer. Why did you think it had a 3 year warranty? it wasn't because MS is "awesome", it's because they knew the problem existed and was very noticing, also, those disc ring scratches, noticeably unheard of. So please, don't be such a hypocrite, it's not of your convenience.

Every game console has it's share of issues, but both Sony and Nintendo have a track record of good reliable products, so I take these PS4 hardware issues with a grain of salt until they become more noticeable. It's very evident the media and fanboys like you wants to make it seem like that's Sony's version of the RROD when you dumbheads earned that reputation MS already earned a reputation of faulty products and say "Sony did this too as well" just to justify MS`s actions, I remember well y'all made a big deal out of the PS3`s yellow light when it reality it was about the normal rate of console failures. XBox One isn't out yet, but it has to deal with a reputation issued all thanks to their second game console. So, if I point an example of someone pointing information out of his ass, that's you.

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NateCole1797d ago

They are just desprate for anything even though they know it is not as widespread as they claim.

If it was anything like RROD it will be all over the news.

JokesOnYou1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Damm meant to reply above, anyway nobody is desperate, the reality is that there are just morons on both sides. Also console failures on Microsofts part don't justify a higher failure rate than normal on sonys part *IF that turns out to be the case.

Derekvinyard131797d ago

But didn't Microsoft eventually start fixing xbox for free cause it was a huge problem? I never had an xbox

Hicken1797d ago

After about a year and a half, yes. Though you were still outta luck if your system died before then.

edgeofsins1797d ago

Because it was court-ordered otherwise they would have to recall all XBox 360's and take it off the market. They aren't a good company for consumers.

JasonKCK1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

No Hicken MS starting fixing 360's just a few months after release when the problem came to light for free, not a "year and a half" you're reaching.

You see that is what makes you part of the problem, and you're just as guilty as they are.

Jdoki1797d ago


That was not my experience or recollection of the situation at all.

It took an extremely long time for MS to react and acknowledge the RRoD problem.

The 360 launched in Nov 2005. The extended warranty kicked in around July / Aug 2007.

That meant a lot of people whose consoles failed between Nov 2006 and the start of the extended warranty (nearly 8 months) got boned as MS was still denying the extent of the problem.

That was the situation I had. A RRoD failure after warranty ended, and MS refused to repair it for free, or reimburse me after the extended warranty went live.

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MasterCornholio1797d ago

And I remember somewhere where they said that the failures were due to a design fault by Microsoft. Dang its been so long since the RROD issue.

Nexus 7 2013

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HolyDuck1797d ago

As is mocking the Xbox One for its size.

sobotz1797d ago

and a Power Brick.. oooh such irony

MasterCornholio1797d ago

The Xbox 360 wasn't mocked for its size but it had a huge powerbrick and it still suffered problems from overheating.

Nexus 7 2013

Raccoon1797d ago

extra batteries anyone?

Revolt131797d ago

I don't recall ever bashing a Sony fan because of this...
nor have I ever had RRoD

awesomeisjayell1797d ago

I dare any PS4 owner to download warframe and surf the UI @ the same time lmao and see what happens lol.

PersonaCat1797d ago

I did that day one and my ps4 didn't crash or freeze. Did yours?

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

I did the first day.What's your point?

SpinalRemains1381797d ago

A million have done that. A million.

Record setting, 1080p playing, ass kicking, game playing beast!

jjb19811797d ago

I have a ps4 and will be getting xbox on day one. Anyone remember RRoD? Yeah, I hope we get all these platform problems fixed. Xbox one will have its share also.

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