Final Fantasy VII is Demade into 8 bit

Longtime rom hacker, Luigi2009, does an 8-Bit demake of one of the most popular JRPGs in history.

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MeteorPanda1849d ago

honestly this looks much black when there are other choices..

but meh, good effort l guess.

Misaka_x_Touma1849d ago

like you can make a difference

R_aVe_N1849d ago

They should be shot in the face....

cyguration1849d ago

You know, I really would have preferred a 16-bit version. That would have been awesome.

Xof1849d ago

I really can't understand why everyone seems to have decided to fetishize 8-bit when all of the best games, particularly RPGs, were 16-bit.

FamilyGuy1849d ago

Totally agree, Super nintendo/sega genesis era are some of my most fond childhood memories. 8-bit is just too dated, 16-bit you could at least really have an idea of the characters appearance through the sprites.

I think the do 8-bit cuz it easier/faster/cheaper or something. There are RPG-maker games that'll give you better graphics though so maybe that not it. All I know is that they aren't my cup a' tea.

knifefight1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Will check it out!

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