Interview with Overkill Software & Starbreeze Studios: Payday 2

John Finch throws some questions to Starbreeze and Overkill about Payday 2: "After playing and reviewing Payday 2, which was an awesome experience, I was given the honor to write up a few questions for the hard-working people over at Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios. My goal was to try and get a peek behind the studios’ curtains, get some insight into the development process, and see what goes on in the developers’ minds when they start out to make a sequel to a surprise hit title."

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DTxx1797d ago

These guys are a joke. They made enough money from console sales yet they put all thier resources into patching the pc version on a regular basis and now a DLC expansion. We havent even had the patch yet. Im not anti PC just annoyed. Ive waited to long for a patch they promised like ages ago they dont even conmunicate on a regular enough basis to thier console fanbase. Not sure i want to give these guys anymore money for DLC if we ever see it. Prob gonna sell my copy this week. Seriously people if youre thinking of buying this on console ied at least wait to see if they deliver with this patch we been waiting on for so long and promised DLC that was promoted before release.