‘The Last of Us’ Left Behind DLC pre-order bonuses revealed by Amazon

Online retailer, Amazon has revealed several pre-order bonuses regarding the Left Behind DLC for the “The Last of Us.”

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MrSwankSinatra1794d ago

So now we have pre-order DLC for DLC???? okay i've seen it all now

zeal0us1793d ago

I would say its starting to get ridiculous but its already too late.

ShinMaster1793d ago

It's not in-game DLC. It's the first issue of the comic and a dynamic theme.

e-p-ayeaH1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Bonuses by pre-ordering who know how ridiculous that sounds!?

i really miss the old days when games used to have alot of content (including hidden content) and developers/publishers werent greedy.

Marcello1793d ago

Yea agree all the way there, that even ND has jumped on the bandwagon is very dissapointing. This season pass thing is total bollox, you pay 20 bucks for it then wait 9 months for something thats maybe 2 hours long so doesnt even last the evening, it just a total cop out, pure scam.

dasbeer881793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I remember a long time ago people here called Naughty Dog as the "Naughty Gods." LOL I never knew "Gods" scam their consumers with DLC within a DLC.

"Naughty Dog is still Naughty God."
Tell me that when their replay value for the Uncharted series and TLOU skyrocket higher than a second or third playthrough. In the meantime, Dota 2 here I come! :D

Riderz13371793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Scam consumers with DLC? Who told you that you have to buy the DLC? Plus they already included a brand new game mode in their multiplayer FOR FREE.

Naughty Dog is still Naughty God.

Edit - Replayability has nothing to do with the quality of the game. That statement is so obnoxious and wrong that I actually feel sorry for you since I would assume you haven't experience any of the games Naughty Dog has developed.

ShinMaster1793d ago

It's not even in-game DLC you troll.

It's just the first issue of the comic and a theme. That's not a scam and no one will be missing out on anything in-game.

What does Uncharted have to do with anything? You got proven wrong and were forced to change the subject.

InTheLab1793d ago

All Uncharted DLC is free now dude. Who else is doing that?

Riderz13371793d ago

@ShinMaster - Not only is all Uncharted DLC free now, but they even created a brand new map free to download. What games have maps created for their multiplayer that have been out for 2 + years? Dedication right there.

Like I said, Naughty Gods.

HammadTheBeast1793d ago

Naughty Dog games have great MP so there's the replay ability.

garos821793d ago

Still playing the as hell.and the new maps are very well made and extremely fun.even though I've paid for them I'd still like them to go free such that more people can play and enjoy them

Kryptix1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I understand why it isn't proper to add a bonus for pre-ordering DLC but it isn't a scam since you get the full DLC anyway if you don't pre-order. Truth be told, I think this is done to make people aware that there's a comic that goes with the game. Since The Last of Us game is already so popular, the comics need some promotion so they added this "bonus" for awareness to everyone else.

And Naughty Dog are masters of quality games and I know you never played Uncharted ever in your life. You do realize there's cheats and multiplayer in Uncharted that make the experience much more fun? But how would you know, you probably seen a few minutes of gameplay and think you know everything.

noctis_lumia1792d ago

they are still gods go cry to microsoft studios or whatever crap studio games r playing

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brometheos1793d ago

Then don't buy the season pass, or the DLC for that matter. I wish all DLC was free, but that's just unrealistic. Video games are extremely expensive to make, and lets face it, $20 for a seasons pass is a lot better than what we've seen with other games, $15 for a single add on that consists of a couple recycled maps, not calling out any names.

minimur121793d ago

Doesn't cod ghosts have like $50 season pass?

nooneknows1793d ago

Its not Naughty Dogs fault. Developers are now forced by retail stores to add extra content, or else they won't stock their game. Its gotten pretty sick. Its very ridiculous.

jeffgoldwin1792d ago


Im pretty you just made that up. Unless you can provide a link of a retail store stating this.

TeflonHahn1793d ago

How is it a scam exactly? If you plan to spend the $15 on the DLC from the beginning, how is putting down some of the $15 you ALREADY planned to spend (and getting extras for doing so) a scam?

bjmartynhak1792d ago

You have the option to not click in "buy"...

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ScubaSteve11793d ago

i thought the season pass came with the limited/collectors edition

Rockefellow1793d ago

My Survival Edition didn't have one. There were other editions, of course, so I'm not sure what the more expensive ones contained.

1793d ago
MidnytRain1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

And I thought pre-ordering a digital free-to-play game was pointless...

People think it's childish or "entitled" when people boycott and petition the small things. This is the result when you don't.

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