Xbox One Countdown: The Future Exclusives

Gaming Union: "After the huge launch line-up hits for the Xbox One (as discussed here), the next question is of course, what is in store for the console’s future?

For the purpose of this article, we are going to ignore titles which will be available across the board and instead focus on titles that you will only experience with the Xbox One.

Let’s just say that the future is already looking bright at the moment, with more titles sure to be announced next year."

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aviator1891797d ago

I'm more interested in quantum break and sunset overdrive. Don't really know what to expect from those two, so they're definitely my most anticipated.

JokesOnYou1797d ago

Halo5 definitely. Titanfall is my 2nd most anticipated of the future titles. Quantum Break looks the most interesting. Fable Legends and Sunset Overdrive I'll have my eye on to see wassup.

aviator1891797d ago

It'd definitely be cool if fable legends or a game like crackdown turns out to be that rumored f2p flagship game.

christocolus1797d ago

I am looking forward to all those games..Ms is going to surprise a lot of people this time many titles announced and still so many announced..their investments into new studios, new ips, new talent, 3rd party exclusive titles is just amazing...they are going all out.