Egosoft apologises again for X Rebirth problems but are amazed at “success”

It’s been a tough few days for Egosoft following the launch of X Rebirth. Today another apology has been issued by Egosoft’s Director Bernd Lehahn for the game's problems whilst at the same time is happy at the game's "success".

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ATiElite1800d ago

Battlefield 4 had issues but was enjoyable before patches

Total War Rome 2 had issues but was enjoyable before patches

X-Rebirth is a MESS!

1. Egosoft has done the Correct thing and come out and Apologized and they have addressed gamers concerns.

Good job on that

2. They are sending patches out like every day, good job on that.

3. "Exiting the super highway (blue) millions of km away from anything" and Game crash before Menu.

B.S. this is killing me as I burn resources trying to get back on track then wind up getting Hammered because it re-inserts me into enemy territory.

I gotta put X-Rebirth down for a week. Great Game but X is a very sensitive and strategic game but the bugs are F-N me up big time.

Not as bad as complete progress loss in GTAV but darn near close when you lose cargo, resources, and crew members because the game landed you somewhere you were NOT expecting.

Great Game but wait a week or 10 days for more patches before setting out to conquer the universe.

Pintheshadows1800d ago

It is unplayable for me and to be honest it seems stripped of everything that made X... well X.

ALICE6661800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

The bugs are not the problem. Sure they will fix those as shown in the past. But the fact is that they failed the game at the core design level cannot be fixed.

It will take many expansions or a rewrite of the game to make it even close to what an x game should be.

It will be years before it will be even comparable to the last game.. and even then it's doubtful they will even bother given the casual gamer direction they have chosen.

Perjoss1800d ago

Yes indeed there are serious bugs with it and I've had to look for solutions on forums twice already just to finish the tutorial missions. I've not played previous X games so I have not idea what has been stripped or dumbed down so I cant comment on that, but So far I'm having tons of fun with it and the universe is super detailed and fun to explore.

ATiElite1800d ago

Bugs aside

Yes X-rebirth is awesome.

X3 Terran conflict was way too micro-managing for my taste but still fun.

Egosoft tried to slim down menus and make things more engaging instead of feeling like Eve Online which is a MONSTER of a Micro-Managed game.

X3 you can fly capital ships
X-rebirth you can only fly them by remote control

I know that this is a big loss but overall X-rebirth is still good (once properly patched)

ALICE6661800d ago

X3 series were complexed yes, but once you get past that its a game that you will lose 1000's of hours in doing crazy stuff. Epic is the word that can describe those games. Rebirth will barely give anyone 30hours IMO. Its not even a shell of its former game. I am a lazy gamer myself but it didn't stop me from trying to learn X3. Its not all that hard. I'm not a smart gamer but it clicked for me after watching a few YT video's for help. I disagree about the menus in it as I find them alot easier to control things than what was given to us in Rebirth. Which is more of 'lack of control.'

ALICE6661800d ago

X Rebirth is not an X game. It is stripped of everything which made the previous games great. Its mind boggling that we waiting 7 years for this piece of crap.

Reasons: Universe is smaller at only 4 sectors. No automation through trade and fleet command. One ship to personaly fly. Less ships overall in game. Lack of fan favorite alien races. Stupid and complexed UI that is somehow even worse than the last game. There is not Trade, Think in this game, only FIGHT and the sim in that is gone as well which is now replaced by a floaty arcade shooter. Limited weapons compared to X3. Couple of missles, couple of lasers thats it. Where did everything from the last games go? I can go on forever on what they stripped.. The only people having fun with this game obviously never REALLY played the previous games. I am done with this company. Egosoft is a company which has outright lied to their fanbase and gave them a dumbed down console game.
They will not be getting anymore money from me and many others.