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Dylan Z of iGR writes, "Housemarque’s goal was to bring beautiful retro-style gaming to next-gen; and they’ve more than succeeded in doing that. They managed to catch nostalgia-lightning in a bottle and infuse it with truly remarkable next-gen tech on the PS4."

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CyberSentinel1821d ago

Fun game, reminds me of "Defender". Player ship model needs more detail. I love the voice samples that come from the DS4 speaker. Leader boards add to the challenge and fun.

eclectified1821d ago

The only thing Resogun needs that their previous game had is an option for 3D. Regardless, Resogun is great fun!

Hicken1821d ago

I think people might lose their sanity playing Resogun in 3D.

FamilyGuy1821d ago

The game is difficult, trophy rarity for those even getting passed the second level is high. I've been playing on experienced which is only one notch above novice and it gets crazy, the boss battles more than anything though.

Don't forget about this game in the mass of big budget titles once the PS4 is out, it's definitely worth some attention.

admiralvic1821d ago

What game are you playing? This game is easy. @[email protected]

Anyway, I wouldn't trust trophy percents on new games, especially ones like this. You have to figure, a lot of people bought a PS4 and download Resogun (everyone has plus via code and it's free with plus). Of these people, they probably turned it on and played it once or twice before going to play a bigger game like Killzone. So Sony is tracking a lot of people that played it for 10 minutes (beating stage one) and then went on to play bigger and better things.

Not to mention, the more people that play something, the more it takes to make progress. If all 1,000,000+ buyers play it, then it takes 1,001+ people to make the .1 go to .2.

RiPPn1820d ago

The game is only easy if you aren't trying to save every human and maintain your multiplyer. If you try to do those things the difficulty increases exponentially.

admiralvic1820d ago


I got the platinum and can tell you it's easy...

solidt121821d ago

This game is crack. got it on PS4

DigitalRaptor1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Wonderful. Can't wait to pour my life into this.

Just imagining what DEAD NATION 2 will be like gives me a headache.

Xer0_SiN1821d ago

this is a pretty good game. and get this, its free! you have ps plus, which you should...its free.

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The story is too old to be commented.