Mass Hysteria Erupts As Xbox One Game Cases Are Revealed To Be Backwards

Hardcore Gamer: Why would they do this? An insane gambit to frighten us away from physical copies? Someone put the instructions for the box making machine in backwards and then just ran with it? A sinister cabal of left handed people looking to confuse us pure, well intentioned righties? Whatever the cause, I'm sure Microsoft is about a week away from being entirely buried by customer complaints.

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Snookies121849d ago

That messes with my brain... D:

Abash1849d ago

Do I insert the paper with the code or the disc into the console?! Which one is it now?!

gaffyh1849d ago

Why??! It's not a problem, just extremely weird.

abzdine1849d ago

it's like reading in arabic, needs time to get used to it.

Pogmathoin1849d ago

Going to be crashing that right hand alot...

Freedomland1849d ago


Welcome to the next gen.

itBourne1849d ago

They could of at least flopped what side the cover is on too, and went total Japanese style.

Shadow Flare1849d ago

Looks like Microsoft are doing a 180 on everything

starchild1849d ago

Lol what the hell has gaming "journalism" come to?

Gozer1849d ago

This is the very definition of a "Lame" article.

MRMagoo1231849d ago

This may be a waste of time article or what not but i would really like to know what the reason is for the to do this lol I just cant think of anything to explain why they would change it.

ChiaPet1849d ago

This is honestly ridiculous. Has it occurred to anyone that all you have to do is take out the paper sleeve and flip it!

It's almost as bad as the diamond shreddies campaaign...

pacosanchez881849d ago

@chiapet that would make the "xbox one" and "microsoft" logos printed on the box upside down on the outside.

SilentNegotiator1849d ago

Now there's fixing something that isn't broken.

NAG1849d ago

OK, I'm right handed. If you're right handed, go grab a disk and see what you do to open the sleeve and grab the game out. You move your hand under the right side a bit (more center of both sides then anything). Now flip it as MS has and you no longer have to slide your hand over. I guess people that are left handed will not like the added slide of hand that they aren't used to... Haha! Right handlers rejoice!!!

pixelsword1849d ago

I think it's so you can pull out your game while you fap at the same time.

UnHoly_One1849d ago

NAG beat me to it. He called it for sure.

If you pop the case normally, this leaves the game side of the case already fully supported in your left hand, with your right hand free to grab the disc out.

Agreed that it is sort of "Fixing what isn't broken", but at the same time, I see that they are thinking outside the box (or 'inside' the box in this case, lol) in order to optimize every little thing that they can.

The OCD part of me is going to have a hard time with this, though. lol

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Thatguy-3101849d ago

I'm amazed how my brain functions at a psychological level just by starring at it. Lol its weird but nothing drastic. It'll just take some time to get use to just like any "new" that breaks tradition.

FlunkinMonkey1849d ago

This is a nightmare for someone with OCD, ha. Not a game breaker for me personally but i guess it's a little strange.

duli141849d ago

Xbox 180 living up to its name I guess lol

pompombrum1849d ago

Yup, it seems fitting for a console that started off backwards. Seems like a really stupid thing to do tbh but not really a big deal.

FITgamer1849d ago

At least it matches their logic.

Black_McGrath1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I think they're really trying to cater to the Japanese market.
MS CEO"If we make the cases look like a manga they'll be sure to buy it!"
MS rep "but, we're in America"
MS CEO " you're fired"

LackTrue4K1849d ago

seriously, i was thinking that it was made this way.

(this is just me) I always open my game cases with my left hand. And will keep holding it with my left, only to reach in and pull out the game with my right hand.

but that's just me....i would never think of MS spending time just to do something so small....???

Mosiac771849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

@ the article. Do you have a problem with windows or Mac then? If you see PS4 UI the playstation store is in the opposite side too. That also freak me out. I'm used to seen it at the end of the UI.

steven83r1849d ago

Damn this would suck. But couldn't u just take the insert out and flip the case and put it back in?


The logo outside on top front is molded into the case, if you did that it would stand upside down on the bottom back... Which I guess is even weirder for those who care enough about the disc being on the "wrong" side inside the case (I personally couldn't care less).

Bzone241849d ago

This may be a little better than it being on the right-hand side.

If you are right handed and open a case, you are holding the left side of the case and take out the disc with your right hand. With these new cases you are supporting the disc side of the case with your left hand now instead of taking the disc out of the unsupported side. That may be what they are going for. Or they are just being different.

ChiaPet1849d ago

I'm Sorry but this is just ridiculous. Has it occurred to anyone that all you have to do is take out the sleeve and flip it....

It's like the diamond shreddies joke lol

lex-10201848d ago

Than the Xbox one and Microsoft logos would be upside down which would probably me even more problematic for someone having problems with this.

bessy671849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Don't worry, there's a rather simple fix for this egregious packaging mistake. It can be fixed in 5 easy steps:
1) Take out the slip cover
2) Turn the slip cover over
3) Put the slip cover back
4) ???
5) Profit

Agent11849d ago

I'll take backward cases over hardware failure any day of the week. Thank you!

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admiralvic1849d ago

While I want to say this is stupid... I have to say I like my games being on the right side.

ChaosKnight1849d ago

The OCD part of my brain is confused and scared.

PoSTedUP1849d ago

ughh, yeah i totally had to go open up a regular game case and look at it for a few seconds to cure the fustration.

Blackdeath_6631849d ago

OCD part of my brain is also confused and scared at the common misuse of the term OCD

PoSTedUP1849d ago

@blackdeath. how did he misuse the psychological disorder OCD?

Visiblemarc1849d ago

Yep, I totally get it. Logic tells me: "meh." Yet, part of me doesn't like this for some reason.

I guess it's just a matter of what we're used to.

kneon1849d ago

I think this can be solved without a recall or firmware update, just flip it over.

admiralvic1849d ago

It can, but then that stuff starts to screw with your head.

Like, you would need to open the case with the box art facing upside down. This will also make the Xbox logo appear wrong when you open it too. Obviously all this stuff can be fixed, but a change like this is just "why?". It's almost as if M$ did so many 180's that they got confused and pulled one on the case too.

kneon1849d ago

Is the cover not removable as in most DVD and bluray cases? If so then slip it out and flip it over so you won't be opening it backwards. The only part you can't fix is the logo since it's molded in to the case.

ThatCanadianGuy5141849d ago

One of the greatest travesties of our time.

Hellsvacancy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

No, it's not as bad as World War Z (movie)

Enemy1849d ago

Even the game cases were rushed. This is the final nail.

DigitalRaptor1849d ago

Deal breaker right there. /s

But seriously, the slime green colour already disgusts me. this would really annoy me.

starchild1849d ago

Knowing you, DigitalRaptor, you probably have nightmares about the color green.

DigitalRaptor1849d ago

Haha, if you say so starchild. I guess when i find myself sitting on my garden lawn I'm sure to wear sunglasses and ensure that I don't come into contact with the ground.

Green is fine. I don't like slime green. Slimer from Ghostbusters freaks me out. #dealwithit.

lex-10201848d ago

This is a bit of military humor but you're slime green comment reminded me of it.

Just skip to 3 minutes and watch/