EGM Review: Killzone: Shadow Fall

EGM - "Let’s be honest here: Launch games never amount to anything special. The moment Mario stopped being bundled with new Nintendo consoles pretty much marked the end of that. And because launch games exist within this weird nexus of transition, where advancements in technology are noticeable but not something any developer’s gotten the grasp of and thus nailed down, there’s an amorphous quality to their appeal. More so than any other games, launch titles have immediate appeal, but not lasting."

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Dragonborn3121823d ago

I would not say that launch games never amount to anything special these days. Dead Rising 3 looks to be a lot of fun, and I am pretty sure that it was reported the campaign will take around 20 hours to beat; include all the side quests and nightmare mode and it should make for a deep package of entertainment. It might not be the prettiest game (Killzone on the other hand looks incredible), but I do think it will make for a special launch game that will be very entertaining. It is true though that there are less and less launch games these days that are well-rounded products. They are still fun, but not as deep as they used to be.

DigitalRaptor1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Never in my time as a gamer have I seen such colossal fuck-uppery in gaming journalism.

All of these reviews either completely ignore the multiplayer or focus less than a paragraph on it, when it's FIFTY PERCENT OF THE WHOLE GAME. They fail to dismiss CoD and Battlefield for the same reasons as Killzone, and then focus a whole lot on the multiplayer of those games.

Where are the multiplayer impressions in this review? Where are they? Such disgrace.

Bigpappy1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

You are over reacting to reviews. I know people are disappointed after the hype and high hopes for this title. But 7 is not a bad score. This is from EGM. Are they biased now too?

I am from the outside looking in, and could see the flaws for a mile away. But went you point out the flaws in AI or gameplay, people here dismiss me because I am an Xbox fan. But I have been a gamer for many years and could see that They didn't put much creativity into the gameplay. The AI is just target practice.

As far as multiplayer, I guess if you have a fun group of guys, who know how to play FPS well, They could make any multiplayer with a good map design and responsive controls great. But I am sure most who bought Kill Zone will in fact judge it by the single player. Keep in mind that it is competing with COD and Battle Field for multiplayer time.

Rageanitus1823d ago

Ummm who says KZ is multiplayer focus... I always found it more SP focused. I am never really got int the MP of KZ. I bought it for the SP.

Hicken1823d ago

Multiplayer is absolutely a primary focus of Killzone. It's been that way since A LEAST 2(never played the first). It just so happens that, unlike a lot of the other big shooters, Guerrilla doesn't completely neglect the singleplayer while they're making multiplayer.

And yet, as DigitalRaptor points out, reviewers are perfectly happy to say, "Well, Call of Duty's not really about the story, anyway," and gloss over whatever problems may be there; but when it comes to Killzone, they spend a majority of the time on the campaign, and hardly touch the online.

Rageanitus1823d ago

Sorry to say this but KZ is more SP focused.

- the Campaign length is actually more than 5 hours long
-there is actually a supporting story (although not the greatest) you do see some form of story buidling up

I have always seen a multiplayer focused game like quake 3, unreal tournament, tribes, COD.

This is why reviewers focus on the SP it is truly geared as a SP game.
Yes it has multiplayer and all but I am sure most ppl who buy the game buy it more for the SP.

DigitalRaptor1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@ Pappy

I'm not saying 7/10 is a bad score. I'm also not calling EGM biased (although they have a questionable history reviewing Killzone games). I'm just pointing out facts. A team spends years making a multiplayer as a big focus of the game, and it's ignored by most reviewers? What's with that? Where is the consistency in almost all aspects of their reviews? I'm not downplaying genuine criticism of the game, so you guys don't need to downplay the blatant hypocrisy and double standards that are on display right now in gaming journalism.

Those saying Killzone is a single player focused game, obviously never poured many hours of play into KZ2's absolutely fantastic multiplayer or KZ3's not-as-good-but-pretty-great multiplayer. It's an excuse, a cop out, to say "people are buying KZ for the single player". It's a big focus, and so is the multiplayer, especially in an industry so laser-focused on the online FPS death match model, and where we have gamers who are arguing over who has the best online service to play games online.

Sadist31823d ago

That's because comparing Killzone multiplayer to Battlefield is like comparing Double Dribble to NBA2K's not really worth mentioning.